The Tenth Doctor

"No second chances. I'm that sort of a man. "
- The Tenth Doctor beginning to discover his personality in The Christmas Invasion


The Tenth Doctor is less obviously affected by the aftermath of the Time War than his previous incarnation. At times he was hyperactive and over-enthusiastic, frequently appearing to love life. However, he did have something of a ruthless streak - at one point deciding to bring down the British Government almost on a whim. He had a tendency to get carried away, his arrogance as the Last of the Time Lords at times led him to think of himself as "The Time Lord Victorious", and play God in situations. As his companion Donna Noble once told him, " Sometimes, I think you need someone to stop you." Unlike his immediate predecessor, this incarnation of the Doctor does "do domestic", and appears to have had romantic feelings towards his companion Rose Tyler.


This Doctor is tall and skinny with black hair. He wears a pinstripe suit (originally he only wore brown, but then changed between that and blue) with an overcoat and converse-style trainers.

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