The Doctor's Timeline

These pages provide a simple timeline for the Doctor's life, detailing every appearance he's made within the Whoniverse.

What's included?

Right now, we only list TV stories, novels, audios and short stories – though thera are gaps. We only include unrecorded adventures that are of particular significance (e.g. the departure of a companion). It's worth noting that the novel Who Killed Kennedy is featured several times in the Third Doctor section, even though he only has brief cameo appearances.

What information is included?


This is the story's title. Occasionally there is a dispute about a title. We have used the more familiar titles for stories, occasionally with minor variations. The 1996 TV Movie is called The TV Movie. New series multi-parters are listed as individual episodes to avoid confusion. Short stories are listed by their story title, and not the collection they are from.


What type of story this is - a TV Story, a Virgin or BBC Novel, a Big Finish Audio, a Short Story, or whatever. If the appearance isn't a full story, it is listed as flashback, cameo, or guest appearance as appropriate. Short stories have the anthology title listed here.


Explains why this story is where it is. Also notes major events such as regenerations or companions joining and leaving.


A list of the companions and companion-like characters who appear in this story. For the purposes of the timeline, we do not consider single-story companions to be companions.

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