A Biography of the Doctor

"You live in a junkyard?"
"Sort of."
"And I thought our gaff was a tip."

- Gillian and Susan discuss Susan's home in Time and Relative

The Doctor and Susan lived in the early 1960s for several months.

The Rag and Bone Man's Story
(Short Trips: Repercussions; p. 46-48)

(First Doctor , Susan Foreman )
Placement Rating: 4 - Between consecutive stories

The Doctor and Susan visit the a pre-industrial planet called Tacunda. The Doctor steals an item called The Blessing Star from their altar. The star contains a microscopic empathic life form which responds to desires and generates a field of positivity. He believes it will help him guide the TARDIS. It helps him directs the TARDIS to 20th Century Earth, landing in a junkyard in Totter's Lane. However, interfacing it with the TARDIS causes significant damage to the TARDIS. The Doctor will rent the junkyard under the name “Smith” from a man named Hawkins for a period of nine months.

Duration: This scene takes less than an hour, but it's unclear how long the previous trip takes.
Location: Tacunda; Totters Lane (1962 or 1963)

Notes: The Doctor arrives on Totters Lane in this scene. However, it directly contradicts The Little Things (Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury), which shows a different last trip before their arrival. We can speculate that this was an unplanned side-trip after that story. We can even speculate that the TARDIS deviating from its course is the reason the Doctor steals the Blessing Star. Though that doesn't explain why the fourth Doctor remembers The Little Things as his last trip before Totters' Lane.

(Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors; Flashback)

(First Doctor , Susan Foreman )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

Susan "forces" the Doctor to accompany her on an evening out. They get lost somewhere in Shoreditch. They encounter a being that is somehow trapped in a mirror, and has been holding two people trapped as if it were 1963. They smash the mirror and escape.

Duration: One evening.
Location: Shoreditch, 1963

Notes: This is a story that the Doctor tells Steven. There are inconsistencies in his account (He first says that they went to the theatre, and later that they had been to see a film), so it's possible that not all of it actually happened. At this point, the Doctor isn't letting Susan out on her own at night.


(First Doctor , Susan Foreman )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

Whilst at Totters' Lane, the Doctor makes repairs to the TARDIS [this may be why he is already known to the scientific community in The War Machines]. He also makes arrangements to hide the Hand of Omega in a coffin.

Location: Totters Lane, London, 1963

Notes: Repairs are mentioned in An Unearthly Child and the Hand of Omega in Remembrance of the Daleks. Both are mentioned in The Rag & Bone Man's Story (Short Trips: Repercussions).

The Juror's Story
(Short Trips: Repercussions)

(First Doctor , Susan Foreman )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

A werewolf by the name of Roberta Samson befriends Susan. When the Doctor discovers this, he warns her to stay away from his granddaughter. She attacks, and he defends himself by shooting silver bullets in her shoulder and thigh. He is arrested for the girl's murder, under the name of Doctor Foreman. At the trial he is acquitted because his future selves have packed the jury.

Duration: The jury's deliberations last 2 days. There is no indication how long the trial lasted, how long there was between Roberta's death and the trial, or how long Roberta and Susan knew each other before this.
Location: London, 1963

Notes: This is clearly during the first Doctor's stay at Totter's Lane, but there is no more information on when.

The Rag and Bone Man's Story
(Short Trips: Repercussions; p.49-51)

(First Doctor , Susan Foreman )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

Susan takes the Blessing Star into school, hoping to fit in more. It works too well – warping reality to help her, but that just makes her stand out in a different way. She decides it is too dangerous to keep in the TARDIS, and hides it in the junkyard.

Duration: One day.
Location: Coal Hill School, 1962 or 1963.

Notes: These events happen on pages 49-51. Susan is starting to chafe at being stuck in a single time, and thinks that the TARDIS repairs are taking “forever”.The fact that the repairs are nowhere near complete suggests it's before Time and Relative

Time and Relative

(First Doctor , Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright )
Placement Rating: 4 - Between consecutive stories

The Doctor and Susan arrive in London during late 1962 or early 1963, The Doctor enrols Susan in Coal Hill School, using forged records. This idea is her suggestion. Susan also gets a weekend job looking after a six-year-old boy called Malcolm.

The cold that has been around since Christmas intensifies. The Doctor discovers that it is sentient and that it ruled the Earth before humanity evolved. He intends to let it eliminate humanity.

Meanwhile, Susan sees the Cold begin to attack others at Coal Hill. Whilst in detention after school she sees the Cold kill several people and holes up in the school with two friends - John and Gillian - and John's dad. They struggle to get back to Foreman's Yard. On the way John's dad is killed. They stop for a bit in the local Wimpy and join up with Malcolm and Zack, a biker with whom Gillian had made friends.

They eventually make it back to Foreman's yard, where the Doctor is studying the Cold - which has centred itself there - and persuade him to interfere to protect the humans. He captures the heart of the Cold and takes it in the TARDIS to Pluto in the far future. However, he takes five trips to get there and a more than a dozen to get back, arriving a moment after he left. These trips cause something in the TARDIS to break down.

Duration: 8 days
Location: Coal Hill School & Totters' Lane. 24th March - 4th April 1963. p.17-30 suggest they've been there since before Christmas 1962.

Notes: This is a prequel to An Unearthly Child. Susan says that it feels like they've been in 1963 for five months (p.11), but also says that everywhere feels like that (accounting for her claim in the first episode of An Unearthly Child that her stay on Earth has been "the happiest five months of her life". It seems that she has been there since before Christmas 1962 (p. 17, 30).

The Little Things (Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury) establishes that the TARDIS's chameleon circuit broke before they originally landed in Totter's Lane. Since this is a surprise to the Doctor in An Unearthly Child, it seems clear that he didn't leave the ship during the trips he takes here.

Time & Time Again
(1st Doctor)

(First Doctor , Vicki Pallister, Steven Taylor )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The Doctor is walking back to the TARDIS, contemplating the issues with Susan and the Hand of Omega when he trips, dropping the TARDIS manual. He continues on his way, not realising that he has lost it. These events are orchestrated by the seventh Doctor, who was both saving him from extermination by an Imperial Dalek and obtaining the manual - which was the "current" form of a segment of the Key to Time.

Duration: A few minutes.
Location: Shoreditch, 1963

Notes: The presence of the Dalek suggests this is very shortly before An Unearthly Child.

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