• Reply to: Time and Relative   2 months 1 week ago
    Error on references.
    Author: Dale Watts

    I'm reading this book for the first time. Although they go to see The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, they decided not to watch it. They do see Saturday Night and Sunday Morning however, and there are references to some scenes, like setting fire to a rat. Susan is also reading the novel the book is based on.

  • Reply to: The King of Terror   3 months 1 week ago
    Author: Mr Green

    It wasn’t that bad. Not amazing but still enjoyable

  • Reply to: Harvest of Time   6 months 4 weeks ago
    Author: JayMudd

    Face of the Enemy/Curse of Peladon happens in "November", while this story takes place during "Winter". I happily place it following Curse of Peladon, towards the end of Winter, allowing for the time taken to establish the Master in his new digs post-Face of the Enemy.

  • Reply to: Dalek   7 months 6 days ago
    Geocomtex site
    Author: kotenok2000

    For some reason geocomtex site listed at tardis.fandom.com is not com but net http://web.archive.org/web/20120717063545/http://www.geocomtex.net/

  • Reply to: Invasion of the Cat-People   8 months 3 weeks ago
    Cat people
    Author: A Passing Stranger

    Of course the Kzinti also appeared in Trek;'s Animated Series in a converted Niven story.

  • Reply to: Original Sin   10 months 1 week ago
    Author: Eduardo Flores Cisternas

    Olias, Sumhillowan, and Moorglade are taken fron "Olias of Sunhillow", Jon Anderson's debut album.

  • Reply to: Last of the Time Lords   10 months 2 weeks ago
    The Master
    Author: Rob Hill

    "How does the Master know about Rose Tyler absorbing the Time Vortex?"

    He's had at least a year with the Doctor's TARDIS to himself, which presumably includes a log of some kind.

  • Reply to: Phobos   11 months 3 weeks ago
    Author: Anonymous

    where is the bottom line

  • Reply to: Campaign   11 months 4 weeks ago
    Novel Campaign by Mortimore
    Author: Paul Stewart


    How do i go about purchasing the Doctor Who Novel Campaign by Mortimore?

    Thank you


  • Reply to: World Game   1 year 1 week ago
    Not his future...
    Author: Jay Mudd

    He recognises the Countess from his brief adventure after his first jaunt to Earth, when he insisted the Time Lords show him that everyone had been returned to their timelines.

    Terrance Dicks mentions this adventure, but skips over the details as this 2nd Doctor adventure is covered in a flashback during the 6th Doctor book, Players.

  • Reply to: Season 6b   1 year 2 weeks ago
    Doctor Who
    Author: ben911@qx.blackpool.org.uk

    I'm hoping we get an explanation of how the doctor spent his final days in his second incarnation cos big finish will be exploring the season 6b period of the second doctor and I'm also hoping we get an explanation how the doctor regenerated into his third incarnation

  • Reply to: Psi-ence Fiction   1 year 3 weeks ago
    Unrecorded Adventures
    Author: Tim Snelling

    The Doctor has also conversed with Che Guevara (p.126)

  • Reply to: World Game   1 year 4 weeks ago
    Author: Stephen Borchard

    The Doctor recognizes the Countess from their encounter in 1915 but this happened during the Doctor's sixth incarnation, ie his FUTURE.

  • Reply to: Players   1 year 1 month ago
    Links update
    Author: Jay Mudd

    This can now be considered a "recorded adventure". In classic Dicks fashion, it was mopped up by World Game quite neatly in the epilogue.

    "The Doctor visited the Duke of Wellington in 1861 to congratulate him on Waterloo, and cleaned up at faro at a gambling den. The following day, he went to see Prinny, who suggested that he deposited it with a friend who had just opened Chumley's Bank. The Doctor set up an account for use of himself and his direct descendants in perpetuity (i.e. other incarnations)."

  • Reply to: System Shock   1 year 1 month ago
    The I-2 Pen given to Sarah-Jane.
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    With the younger and older (present day) versions of Sarah-Jane Smith in the same time frame, when the pen was initially activated wouldn't the Voracians have immediately picked up two signals coming from both same pens?

  • Reply to: System Shock   1 year 1 month ago
    Goofs: How does the Doctor know that Sarah is at Hubway?
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    He doesn't! re. Pg167: The Doctor had been surprised if not exactly delighted to find Sarah was at Hubway.

  • Reply to: Godengine   1 year 2 months ago
    The Monk
    Author: Oliver

    I believe the Monk allying himself with a military Ice Warrior nest is a reference to the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip '4-Dimensional Vistas', which involves the Monk allying himself with a group of Ice Warriors.

  • Reply to: Island of Death   1 year 2 months ago
    Author: Timothy Snelling

    pg279: 'That's the second time I've played brinkmanship in as many weeks...'
    IoD is apparently placed between Pertwee's final two outings as the Third Doctor in The Monster of Peladon & The Planet of Spiders, though I see no real evidence to suggest this. Howsoever, the story unfolds over a period of almost 2 weeks and prior to this, there is also Amorality Tale tucked in between the two tv adventures; the point being that the Doctor must therefore be referring to the outcome of Amorality Tale as his previous act of 'brinkmanship' - a story that also take place over a period of 2-3 week, having already been at the location 2 weeks prior to commencement of that venture.

  • Reply to: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark   1 year 2 months ago
    Something missing from Roots
    Author: phutty

    Given what happens in the story, it can't be a coincidence that the backpackers are called Jack and David - the names of the two Americans in 'An American Werewolf In London'.

  • Reply to: Horror of Glam Rock   1 year 4 months ago
    How is it transphobic?
    Author: Jobriath

    How is it transphobic?

  • Reply to: Season 6b   1 year 4 months ago
    Season 6b and Jamie/Victoria "shipping"
    Author: David Mantell

    A crucial point about Season 6b is that it creates potential for a post-Fury From The Deep reunion and happy ending for the romance between Jamie and Victoria, so cruelly interrupted at the end of Fury.

  • Reply to: First Doctor Profile   1 year 4 months ago
    His attachment to Susan means he is upset when she leaves
    Author: David Campbell

    1) Susan clearly does want to go with David - she breaks down and cries "Oh I do love you David I do" just before the Doctor locks the door. The only thing stopping her from leaving is her sense of guilt over abandoning her grandfather.
    2) The Doctor is clearly upset at having to lock Susan out of the TARDIS. Even before he does so, Barbara has already worked out what is going to happen and is a willing accomplice inasmuch as she drags Ian out of a conversation with David so that he and she can be inside the TARDIS. He is still in a state of buried grief at the start of The Rescue when he sleeps through the TARDIS landing "for the first time ever"
    3)He is only ever "mean cruel and nasty" to Susan in the pilot episode which was retconned in favour of what we see in the broadcast version. The pilot episode Doctor would never have stood for the broadcast episode Susan's threat to leave the TARDIS and stay in 1963. The boradcast episode Doctor does not shout and growl at Susan like the pilot version does. The Doctor is upset in The Daleks over the disagreement with Susan over whether a hand really touched her in the forest and is relieved when Barbara offers to talk to Susan to smooth things over.

  • Reply to: Walking to Babylon   1 year 5 months ago
    Re: Lawrence Miles on Walking to Babylon
    Author: Amy

    Hi Jonathan,


    Sadly, the full Facebook post linked to in that blog posting isn't even on the Wayback machine, but I think most/all of the WTB part of the rant is there.

  • Reply to: Walking to Babylon   1 year 5 months ago
    Lawrence Miles on Walking to Babylon
    Author: Jonathan

    You don't have the link to the Lawrence Miles rant do you? I'm very seem to find it anywhere.

  • Reply to: School Reunion   1 year 5 months ago
    This comment is more about The Girl in the Fireplace, but...
    Author: Greg Dunn

    ...there's no facility to comment there, and since it follows on from School Reunion, so be it:

    GOOF: Despite little or no time having elapsing between the end of School Reunion and the start of The Girl in the Fireplace, Rose somehow manages to crimp her hair.

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