The Final Quest

Goofs: Katus, "Born and raised a warrior". So, not cloned then? He also looks like he's got fangs in one panel.

Continuity: Katsu apparently has a reputation amongst Sontarans for being one of the fiercest of his species and one of the most vicious. The only time he ever lost a battle was when he fought the Levanaxus on the dead world Keth; he fled the field of battle and his haunted by this humiliation, since when he has spent his days searching the galaxy for the ultimate weapon. The Omegan Green Plague kills him, and apparently starts dissolving his flesh as soon as he is exposed to it.

Aleph 777 is a planet of idyllic peace, which is guaranteed by the fact that its humanoid inhabitants can rely on the ultimate weapon to defend themselves. This weapon is the Omegan Green Plague, to which there is no known antidote. Omega 666 is located in the same planetary system and is a dead, uninhabited world, although it appears to have an atmosphere breathable to the natives of Aleph 777.

The Levanaxus appears to be a giant cybernetic octopus.

Links: The Sontarans appeared on television in The Time Warrior, The Sontaran Experiment, The Invasion of Time, and The Two Doctors. This is their first of several appearances in the Doctor Who comic strip; they would shortly appear in the main strip in Dragon's Claw.

Location: Aleph 777, and Omega 666, date unknown.

The Bottom Line: The first one part back-up strip and inevitably with far less plot than its two predecessors. Moore seems quite happy with this format, with an economic story ending with an abrupt twist. Neary draws great Sontarans.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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