Legacy of the Daleks

Roots: Becca is almost certainly named after Terry Nation's daughter Rebecca. There are references to Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly ("Shoot... don't talk").

Dialogue Disasters: "This is the start of the reign of Mark the First."

"You murdering, festering little scumbag!"

"You're... the Doctor's whelp."

Dialogue Triumphs: The Doctor's reply to Donna's "Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?" is "No, it's purely a side effect of my thinking out loud."

Continuity: The Master appears here between The Duke of Dominoes (Decalog) and The Deadly Assassin. He adopts the alias Estro, the Esperanto for Master. He uses his TCE here. His TARDIS disguises itself as a wardrobe and a computer console. He uses a Draconian detection system (see Frontier in Space). The Time Lords have a rule that they may only meet each other in a linear progression, which the Doctor actually disrupts, allowing him to meet the Master prior to his "corpse" stage. Whilst working for the Daleks (Frontier in Space), the Master raided their computer files and discovered a Dalek hatchery on Sayomin Three: he tried unsuccessfully to reprogram it so that the Daleks it produced would obey him rather than the Dalek Prime. He kept their gun-sticks and brought them to Earth. He starts a war between Haldoran and London purely to pass the time whilst he reactivates DA-17. DA-17 is a Dalek research facility, which completed development of a matter transmuter just before the Dalek occupation was ended: the Master intends to make use of the device. The facility is also a trap, as it is a Dalek factory and starts producing new Daleks once activated. Susan shoots the Master with his own TCE on Tersurus whilst he's holding the Daleks' matter transmuter: the resulting damage nearly kills him and destroys his ability to regenerate, leaving him in the corpse-like state in which Goth finds him. Susan steals his TARDIS. Goth (The Deadly Assassin) finds him when he travels to Tersurus to investigate the time track of his departing TARDIS, which is detected by Rodan (The Invasion of Time) on Gallifrey. The Master remains unaware that he has met the Doctor "out of sequence".

The Dalek factory produces a Red Dalek and a Black Dalek (see War of the Daleks). The Daleks start creating Robomen again. The Master's TCE works on Daleks. The Black Dalek implies that there are other Dalek factories hidden on Earth as a contingency should the occupation be defeated. Dalek embryos will attack anything on sight, including Daleks (see Genesis of the Daleks). They aren't fully developed until they interface with a Dalek shell.

The Doctor has a copy of Songs of Innocence, personally inscribed by William Blake. He decides to visit Susan as a starting point for finding Sam. He makes Darjeeling and crumpets in the TARDIS. He still carries a UNIT pass bearing the name Dr. John Smith and a photo of a previous incarnation. He can tell the difference between human and Gallifreyan blood by smell. He uses sleight-of-hand to retrieve his sonic screwdriver from a guard. He and the Master both speak Esperanto. Donna gives him a cat before he leaves Earth.

Susan and David have been married for over thirty years. David was twenty-two when they first met and is now fifty-four. Susan hasn't aged physically. Although Time Lords and humans can occasionally interbreed, it doesn't always work: Susan has tried and failed to get pregnant several times. She and David have adopted three orphans, whom they have named Ian, Barbara and David Junior. She often wears make-up to make herself look older in order to fit in when she and David meet friends. Susan has worked as a Peace Officer for more than twenty years. Susan doesn't recognise the Master. David is killed when the Master tries to shoot the Doctor and he leaps in the path of the bullets: Susan is taken into the Master's TARDIS before she can be reunited with her grandfather. She uses her telepathic abilities (The Sensorites) to attack the Master via the telepathic circuits of his TARDIS. She steals his TARDIS and travels off alone into time and space.

Tersurus is a planet of bare rock, except for a few lichens.

Links: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Deadly Assassin. Susan recalls the events of The Daleks. The Doctor recalls being separated from Sam on Hirath's moon (Longest Day). He recalls meeting Susan again during Rassilon's Game (The Five Doctors).

Future History: Following the Dalek Invasion, England has divided into feudal Domains, including Domain London, Canterbury, Edmonds, Salisbury and Devon. There were originally approximately one hundred Domains, but they have gradually merged into the surviving ten. There are dangerous Dalek artefacts hidden around the world, and lions prowl the woods of England (presumably having escaped from zoos like the alligators in London's sewers). There are still slythers on Earth. Peace Officers are responsible for investigating and making safe Dalek artefacts. They have unrestricted access to all Domains. All Dalek weapons were officially destroyed after the occupation ended. Britain hasn't had a monarch for thirty-eight years. It is government policy that everyone should marry young and raise large families to try and restore the depleted population. The Daleks destroyed Buckingham Palace, but the Tower of London has survived. After the Doctor destroys the newly-hatched Daleks here, he merges London and Haldoran Domains.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has a security pass signed by Elizabeth I.

The Bottom Line: "Exterminate all humans!" A novel with enormous potential, which it utterly fails to deliver on, doing nothing new with the Daleks and seemingly only including the Master for the sake of tying up bits of continuity that various other writers could have done more elegantly. Susan's situation at the end is both dramatically and emotionally unsatisfying, leaving the reader with the feeling of a ham-fisted mess. It isn't as bad as the disaster that was War of the Daleks, but it isn't as memorable either.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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