Roots: Some of the Ice Warrior history used here is taken from Adrian Rigelsford's Doctor Who - The Monsters. Alpha Centauri's colour changes to reflect its emotions are taken from Brian Hayles' novelisation of The Curse of Peladon. Nic Reece uses a Sontaran fragmentation grenade, first mentioned in Terrance Dicks' novelisation of Terror of the Autons. Grith Robtts, author of one of the fictional texts cited, is of course based on Gareth Roberts. There are references to Attila the Hun, McDonalds, Donald Duck, Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Sherlock Holmes, Gone With the Wind, Laurel and Hardy, and Humphrey Bogart.

Goofs: Uxarieus is spelt Exarius (as in the novelisation).

Dialogue Triumphs: The Doctor refers to the Mona Lisa as "a very famous but quite bad painting".

Continuity: Without their armour, Ice Warriors have black serpentine eyes with eyelids that nictitate sideways. They also have fingers beneath their clamp-like gloves. The Martians settled on a new world in the twenty-sixth century, which they named New Mars. The Martians named a class of Deep Space cruiser after Izlyr (The Curse of Peladon), who has retired to the planet Bennion after reaching the rank of Supreme Lord [Alan Bennion played Slaar, Izlyr and Azaxyr in The Seeds of Death, The Curse of Peladon, and The Monster of Peladon, respectively]. During their warrior past, young Martians underwent an endurance test of survival, venturing out onto the Martian surface without weapons or armour. If they survived, they took the oath of Tuburr, the first great Martian warrior, which requires them to pluck the shaft of the Sword of Tuburr from a red-hot brazier. The original Sword of Tuburr is long lost, although there are rumours that it was hidden on Olympus Mons. Shsurr is the Martian equivalent of "M'lady". Marshals wear helmets decorated with jewels (see The Seeds of Death). The Grand Marshal's staff is an important Martian relic. Whilst pretending to execute the Doctor, Savaar changes into a tight-fitting ebon suit with matching helmet with golden eyepieces, as worn by High Warrior chieftains during the Martians's most barbaric periods.

The first absolute monarch of Peladon was King Sherak, who slew the despotic Erak, before the Citadel was built on Mount Megeshra. He appointed his father Gart the first King's Champion, and Uthron his first Chamberlain. The Citadel was built during his reign, over three years. Sherak died at the age of sixty-five. The Pels ride horse-like animals called equinnas. King Peladon's father was named Kellian, his human mother Ellua, Princess of Europa. Ellua was on a mission to the Galactic Federation base on Analyas VII when she crash-landed on Peladon. During the time that Peladon is a member of the Galactic Federation, only a handful of Pels take the opportunity to leave their planet, most of them too proud of their traditions and heritage to want to do so. As a result of Sarah-Jane's advice in The Monster of Peladon, Thalira radically re-shaped Pel society to give more rights to women. After Thalira's death, her son Tarrol becomes Monarch. Gebek was made Chancellor following the events of The Monster of Peladon, and his son Geban inherited the position. Pel Monarchs have a biennial restatement of their vows to the throne of Peladon. Peladon doesn't possess the right atmospheric conditions to allow the installation of temperamental Federation matter transmitters, so once Peladon joined the Federation, the Federation insisted on the creation of a hanger for landing spacecraft. The average Pel lifespan is fifty years, forty for miners. Most Pels wear their hair long and slicked back, highlighting the traditional mauve stripe, whereas miners dye theirs black with white flecks and wear it wide and bushy to keep the roak dust out of their eyes. Pel relics include the Chalice of Blood, from every Monarch drinks on his or her accession day, the Crown of Sherak, and the Lance of Aggedor. Pel animals include Blugrats.

The Time Lords sent the Doctor to Peladon in The Curse of Peladon because they predicted a time line in which Arcturus's Pel agents killed Alpha Centauri and blamed the Ice Warriors, provoking a war. The planet Arcturus would ally itself with the terrorist organization Galaxy Five (The Monster of Peladon). The Dalek forces planning an assault on the galaxy using the Time Destructor (The Daleks' Master Plan) would take advantage of this and take over the entire galaxy. Ironically, Arcturus would be vaporized within the first minute of hostilities.

Chancellor Goth was a member of the CIA (The War Games, The Deadly Assassin). The space station from Trial of a Time Lord belongs to the CIA and is outside of the High Council's jurisdiction. At the time of The Curse of Peladon, the Time Lords had only recently invented Time Rings (Genesis of the Daleks) [hence the danger of using the (prototype) Time Ring stolen by the Master (Who Killed Kennedy)].

Alpha Centauri has lived on Peladon ever since the planet first joined the Federation. It changes colour depending on its moods (yellow when it's anxious, plum when it's embarrassed, and white when the Doctor is seemingly beheaded). It is vulnerable to a blow to the side of its head, just next to its eye.

Pahkars are one-metre tall hamster like humanoids. According to their legends, the Dæmon Mianik'ha sleeps at the bottom of a ravine on their planet (The Daemons). Pakha is renowned as a peaceful planet, famous for its libraries, museums, colleges and galleries, and the Pakhars welcome visitors.

The Diadem is a jewel-encrusted headband, the jewels of which contain a malevolent entity. The Doctor compares the entity to the Mind Parasite (The Mind of Evil) and hypothesizes that it causes wars because it feeds off the negative emotions that war creates. The Diadem is damaged by the shuttle explosion at the end, but survives to recuperate on Peladon.

The Doctor distrusts the Martians. His eyes are either brown or black. He can resist the influence of the Ancient Diadem. Watching events on Peladon during this story, the Time Lords send the Doctor a brand-new old-fashioned travel chess set as a thank you gift.

The Doctor once caught Ace knocking the stuffing out of a teddy bear in her room with her old baseball bat; he later discovered the words "Mike Smith" written on its back in black ink (Remembrance of the Daleks).

Benny finally gets to meet some Martians, getting a chance to speak ancient Martian and address a High Lord in the correct fashion. She first began to study the Ice Warriors because she was fascinated by their regression from war (The Curse of Peladon). She kisses Savaar, much to his surprise - he describes it as "interesting". Benny is familiar with Sontarans. She drinks liquidized Guntha guavo, rather reluctantly. She carries a hip flask. When she departs for Phaester Osiris at the end, the Doctor gives her a TARDIS tracker.

The TARDIS has a holodeck. Ace has reprogrammed some of the TARDIS's software and is one of the few companions that have managed to persuade the TARDIS to reconfigure items for her (the others were Susan and Romana - Adric tried, but his mathematics weren't up to the task).

Ker'a'nol calls herself Keri for short. She is a reporter and has covered atrocities on the Nematodian border, lived with Orion android warriors on Bala [see Sword of Orion], and spent ten-months pretending to be Rigellon's bond slave, all to get stories for GFTV-3, the network for which she works. During a recent Cyber-fad, she visited the Cyber-tombs on Telos. She is capable of stripping down and rebuilding any piece of equipment she has ever worked with. She never forgets people.

Cantryans have thin blood. They are orange skinned humanoids with three fingered hands.

The Federation uses augmented Ogri as guards (see The Stones of Blood). Lurmans age mentally far more slowly than humans (Carnival of Monsters). Vegans have infrared vision (The Monster of Peladon). Female Draconians are occasionally abandoned by their parents (Frontier in Space). There are Deva Lokan wind chimes on board the Bruk (Kinda). Planets mentioned include the second moon of Jahn. Kaldor City is one of three man-made cities on Japetus, the second moon of Jupiter (The Robots of Death).

Links: The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon. The Doctor repeats the Venusian lullaby from those stories. The Doctor tells Benny about his first encounter with the Ice Warriors (The Ice Warriors) and mentions Magnus (Mission to Magnus). In the flashback at the start, Goth mentions sending the Doctor to Uxarieus in Colony in Space. There is a Thorosian in its water tank visiting the Central Library on Pakhar (Vengeance on Varos, Mission to Magnus, Trial of a Time Lord episodes 5 to 8). There are references to the events of Blood Heat and Tragedy Day. The Doctor mentions K9. There is a reference to Plasticine (No Future). There is a reference to Chad Boyle (Timewyrm: Revelation). Benny refers to meeting Silurians (Blood Heat), sentient computers (Deceit) and zombies (White Darkness). The Doctor alludes to City of Death. There is a reference to Ace's friend Julian (Love and War). There are references to Tegan and Polly, and the ADJs (The Web Planet). Professor Rhukk reads Gustaff Heinrich Urnst's Being an Account of my Discoveries of the Unnameable Secrets of Sakkrat (The Highest Science). There are references to Florana (Death to the Daleks) and Azure (Nightmare of Eden). "Nic Reece" mentions Heletia (Theatre of War). At the end of the novel, Bernice temporarily leaves the Doctor to join Lord Rhukk's archaeological expedition on Phaester Orsiris (accompanied by Lord Savaar), leading into Theatre of War.

Location: Pakha, Japetus, Io, Peladon, 3985AD [see Theatre of War].

Future History: The Federation arose during the first third of the thirty-second century, with Earth forming initial alliances with New Mars and Draconia. Pakha joined the Galactic Federation c3900AD. Galactic Federation Headquarters is located on Io, which took seventy years to terraform and is now considered one of the seven hundred wonders of the Universe (see Death to the Daleks). The Deep Space Cruiser Bruk, owned and piloted by the Martian Star Fleet, is the foremost craft of the Galactic Federation. Many Federation members are fitted with Neyscrapes, implants fitted onto the temple that allow easy access to the cyberspace net. Gaia humans refuse the implants and shun the net. The Horun ruins on Phaster Osiris were discovered three month before the Doctor and Benny arrive on Io and are being explored by archaeologists led by Martian archaeologist Professor Rhukk and funded by the Braxiatel Collection (see City of Death, Theatre of War). Madame Amazonia is the Guardian of the Solar System (The Curse of Peladon). Mavic Chen is being groomed as her successor (The Daleks' Master Plan).

By 3900, the Cybermen have been declared extinct. At some point they colonized another planet, which they named New Mondas - both New Mondas and Telos have since been destroyed. The Vogans are now extinct (Revenge of the Cybermen). Vogan chambers were constructed as concentric circles.

Cal-Med One is a famous Calfedorian hospital and science base.

Poh Kohnel's Planetary Surveys is published in 3948 by Bowketts Universal Publications. Hearn Pamphlets Inc publishes Krymson LePlante's A Rough Guide to Federation Tourist Traps in the same year. The Ship Spotters' Almanac, edited by J. V. Way, is published in 3908 by Bowketts Universal Publications. Bowketts Universal Publications published Grith Robtts' Federation History in 3698.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Third Doctor and Jo averted war on Pakha, which was catalysed by the malevolent entity contained within the ancient Diadem (the end of this adventure is seen during Part One). The Doctor learned how to flick his hat onto a hook from a friend in the Moscow State Circus. The Doctor recently took Benny and Ace to "Ancient Mersey" (Liverpool during the 1990s) so that Benny could see the birthplace of the Beatles. Benny bought a copy of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on cassette, which by her time is considered to be classical music. Ace bought a Suede album. The Cantryan commissioner and current chair of the Federation Council, is an old friend of the Doctor. During an encounter with the Terrible Zodin, the Doctor had to deal with either mutant kangaroos, or giant grasshoppers; he forgets which, but another old enemy, Ch'tizz, used whichever she didn't have. The Doctor claims to have solved the riddle of the Osirians "centuries ago" (see Pyramids of Mars).

Q.v. Benny's Birthday, Love and War.

The Bottom Line: Hugely enjoyable debut from Russell, although the identity of the mystery villain is obvious very early on. Ace is sidelined for the most part, allowing Benny to shine, but the real success of the novel is the Doctor's xenophobic attitude to the Ice Warriors and his attempts to overcome it.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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