Martha in the Mirror

Roots: The Star Trek episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’, Alice Through the looking Glass. There are references to Monty Python’s Flying Circus (“What did you expect? The Spanish Inquisition?”), Hadrian, Alton Towers, Napoleon, Nelson, Monopoly, and Cluedo.

The Doctor’s Everlasting Matches first appeared in David Whitaker’s novelisation Dr. Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks

Technobabble: The Mortal Mirror rewrites the DNA of anyone seen inside it from outside as a translucent matrix based on the silicon that runs the computer chips that operates it.

Continuity: The Anthiums are apparently human [colonists]. They have been at war with the Zerugians for years, during which the Zerugians occupied Castle Extremis at least three times. Modolfin, located in the Ursuline Fringes, was the site of a battle. General Orlo led the Zerugian troops into Mendalla and served under Chekz during the Wensleyan Campaign.

The Zerugians are bipedal crocodilians. Zerugian water truffles resemble – and taste like – fetid pond weed. The seed pods emit a mild acid when crushed. There are Zerugian settlers on the Gammantrilon Plateau.

Bill and Bott are construction robots and secretly GA observers. Both have been in operation for at least one hundred years.

Castle Extremis is located at the head of the Sarandon Passage, the only safe route between the territories of Anthium and Zerugma. It was originally built as a monastery by the Mystic Mortal Monks of Mordinard, long before Anthium and Zerugma even knew the other existed. It is built on an asteroid. Plastiocron, the Colondian Rift and the Aranning Nebula are all visible from Castle Extremis. The Mortal Mirror is one of the great treasures of Castle Extremis and was made by the Darksmiths of Karagula, who had the power to reshape “the stuff of the universe”, opening portals into other worlds. They can manipulate any material including metal, wood, plastic and glass, as well as light.

The Doctor uses his psychic paper to provide ID for Martha and him. He and Martha use the alias Martha Mouse and Doctor Donald Duck and claim to be Galactic Alliance observers. He claims that he has friends on the Galactic Alliance, including Madame Secretary Canasta Ventron, and her impending replacement Edward “Teddy” Enkit. He eats Zerugian water truffles to impress General Orlo. He dislikes spinach. He likes bananas. He has read Professor Thorodin’s paper on the origins of ancient Anthium and the Wandering Scholars, but claims that his assumptions about Cranthus were completely wrong [suggesting that he was there]. He travels back in time to retrospectively set events up that take place here, noting that this is “cheating”.

Martha has possibly been to Disneyland.

There are glass deserts and a pyramid on San Kaloon.

Links: he Doctor mentions light-wave sickness (Planet of the Daleks), and briefly alludes to the moving walls of the Nimon power complex (The Horns of Nimon). He recalls trapping the daughter from the Family of Blood in every single mirror (Human Nature/The Family of Blood).

Location: Castle Extremis, between Anthium and Zerugma.

Future History: Castle Extremis eventually becomes a major theme park. Parallax rifles were used in the Anthium/Zerugma war. The Galactic Alliance is a neutral organisation akin to the United Nations.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor may have met Noel Coward. He claims to have taught Leonard da Vinci about mirror writing (see City of Death).

The Bottom Line:Tales of a world behind the mirror, of reptile creatures and galactic wars, of treaties and politics and trickery… write them down, make these things into a story, and perhaps – just perhaps – someone will want to know what happens.” Justin Richards’ greatest hits, Martha in the Mirror combines elements of Dreams of Empire, Demontage and Theatre of War, but with surprisingly readable results. Bill and Bott however, are deeply irritating.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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