Roots: Bad Day at Black Rock. Westerns. Wakeling's comment about the higher court of history is taken from Hitler's speech at his trial following the Munich Putsch.

Goofs: On page 6 it implies that the last shuttlecraft to leave was the one that bought the colonists to Heritage 20 years ago. However, the mines were operating until about 10 years ago on page 18, which means that shuttles must have been arriving to pick up the ore until then. Also, the emergency exchanges of goods mentioned on page 159 must have required shuttle contact.

On page 17, Ace recalls that she hasn't yet met a cyborg who didn't try to assimilate her. Therefore she's forgotten all about Remembrance of the Daleks, where the cyborgs tried to exterminate her instead.

Ace wonders how her life would have turned out had she never met the Doctor, and ponders about things connected to her life on Earth. However, she was taken to Iceworld before she met the Doctor (Yes, I know that this was planned by Fenric so that she would meet the Doctor, but it's still part of her life before meeting the Doctor).

Cole says that if it weren't for Dolphin interstellar fighter pilots, humanity would all be wearing fur coats and saluting the Grand Marshall - however, humanity's clashes with the Ice Warriors took place before they got into interstellar wars.

Technobabble: Wakeling's genetics equipment includes an ocrideoscope, an extract and splice DNA recalibrator, a Prometheus Forge, and an Emra Cradle.

Continuity: Heritage has two moons. It has two towns, Heritage - next to the Adobe Flats which contained the mines, and Sale - next to the sea.

Ace had often managed to get served in bars until the Doctor showed up. She likes her tea milky with two sugars. She grew up on Freddie Krueger and Norman Bates. When she was younger, she once went on a trip to Gulliver's Kingdom, where she saw tiny houses.

There are very few records of the Doctor in this time period. He is unsure how Mel ended up in this time period, although he had clearly discovered that she would end up on Heritage at this time. He has a couple of spoons in his pocket, as well as a bunch of paper flowers, stuffed toys, silk scarves, gold coins, a synthetic bat, and firemaking stuff.

Links: Ace recalls cyborgs from Silver Nemesis and Illegal Alien. She also shows signs of her infection by the Cheetah planet in Survival. There are mentions of Ace's history as revealed in Ghost Light - particularly causing burnt-out houses. Ace also recalls that meeting the Doctor was planned out centuries before she was born (The Curse of Fenric). Although it is never explicitly stated, the Doctor is worried about Ace dying as a result of events in Prime Time. The Doctor mentions the possibility of meeting Mel again (Head Games). When Cole offers the Doctor sugar with his tea, and the Doctor says 'don't get me started', he's recalling his every large decision creates ripples discussion in Remembrance of the Daleks. Ace recalls the last time she met a Cetatean (probably Storm Harvest).

Location: Heritage, 6th August 6048. The epilogue happens on 10th August.

Future History: At some point, Anthony Attwood founds Mark Anthony Robotics. He is aware of the mythology of Earth, Mars, Io, and Europa (probably not the same one as seen in Managra). This company will eventually create the fussies (MAR Zero Twenty-fives) - robotic vacuum cleaners - which would be used on Heritage. By this time, someone has invented subliminal security systems - making it impossible to get near to a fence, much less get over or through it.

The Central Planets are referred to quite a lot. They are probably at the galactic core. Incidentally, the Federation is still around. Dolphins were used to pilot Earth's first interstellar fighters. Contact with them helped humanity to learn how to facilitate interspecies communication [though probably not the centuries the Doctor claims].

Humans develop cloning on numerous occasions. Every time, there is an individual who works out a way of making a clone that lasts more than a few minutes and is silenced. The first clones were mindless stunt doubles.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor may be responsible for giving Mel the data needed for the fussies to recognise him, and even for getting her to this time period at some time in his future. For the last few months [since Prime Time] the Doctor has been acting strangely, they've been sightseeing well away from where the TARDIS lands rather than getting involved. He hasn't seen an Emra Cradle in centuries. He remembers being there when the first clone was made.

The Bottom Line: 'You can't take on the whole town.' A rather lacklustre book. There's lots of nice bits of characterisation. However the plot is pretty thin on the ground - being mostly that the entire town refuses to tell the Doctor and Ace their guilty secret. It may have a good reputation, but I found the whole thing somewhat underwhelming.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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