Mindgame: Trilogy

MIndgame: Trilogy was a video released by Reeltime Productions. It featured a trilogy of three stories, and was a sequel to the video Mindgame.


Mindgame Trilogy: Battlefield
Author(s): Terrance Dicks
Director(s): Keith Barnfather
Producer(s): Keith Barnfather
Recurring Characters: None
Average: 4 (2 votes)

Dialogue Triumphs: ...until he follows it up with Sarg's line, "The hair and thorax are irrelevant!"

Dialogue Disasters: YET AGAIN, Dicks has a Sontaran quote Linx's description of a human female, which by now is just becoming tedious...

Continuity: Following the events of Mindgame, Sarg considers the benefits of forging alliances to defeat a common foe, and records this suggestion before he expires; Sontarans apparently consider this notion "unthinkable", because they are supposed to consider all other species to be their inferiors and enemies.

The unnamed planet is the scene of a battle between the Sontarans and Rutans. It is bleak and rocky and seems to be uninhabited.

Location: An unnamed planet [c2540AD].

The Bottom Line: "Is it possible that the Sontaran way may sometimes be wrong?" Rather enjoyable study in Sontaran psychology, even if there isn't really the time for it to be anything more than the simplistic. Given the low budget of the production, the special effects are remarkably effective.

Prisoner 451

Mindgame Trilogy: Prisoner 451
Author(s): Miles Richardson
Director(s): Unknown
Producer(s): Unknown
Recurring Characters: None
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Roots: The works of Shakespeare.

Continuity: Draconians have two stomachs. Females are not allowed in the Draconian Courts. The Cross of Draconia is a Draconian wartime medal, possibly awarded posthumously. There is a reference to the Second Cryogenic Wars. Blood feuds between families are common on Draconia. Criminals on Draconia can be sentenced to become "non-people"; who are little more than slaves or females; to penal battalions, where they have the opportunity for redemption; or to banishment to primitive worlds on the outreaches of the Empire. Such worlds are isolated and quarantined, and the lone prisoners forbidden from having any company. Suicide is considered an honourable option for officers who fail in their duty.

The mercenary from Mindgame has apparently sent the Draconian a copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare following that story.

Location: Draconia [c2540].

The Bottom Line: "I have fallen in love with a book." Written and performed by Miles Richardson, Prisoner 451 is a soliloquy in the Shakespearean mould and is clearly a labour of love. Richardson's voice is perfectly suited to this sort of thing, and the end result is unexpectedly riveting.


Mindgame Trilogy: Scoutship
Author(s): Roger Stevens
Director(s): Keith Barnfather
Producer(s): Keith Barnfather
Recurring Characters: None
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Roots: There is a reference to River Phoenix.

Continuity: The alien transmat returned the abductees to their original locations only seconds after they left [time possibly works differently in the extra-dimensional void].

Location: Space, [c2540AD].

The Bottom Line: "It's not fair!" After a shaky start, the slightly questionable decision to give Sophie Aldred a one-woman performance pays off, as the story builds to astonishingly emotional climax. All-in-all, an impressive end to a modestly impressive trilogy.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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