Voyage of the Damned

Roots: Starship Titanic. The Poseidon Adventure Blake's 7 (the teleport bracelets), Max Headroom. The Host's design may have been inspired by The Robots of Death or the “pilot fish” from The Christmas Invasion.

There are references to Good King Wenceslas, Santa, and the pyramids. We hear Jingle Bells, (Walking in a) Winter Wonderland, and The Stowaway,

Goofs: Why are the meteors shown with trails? Before they enter the atmosphere they're simply lumps of rock.

According to The Empty Child, the red alert should have been a mauve alert.

That rickety little bridge over the reactor suddenly becomes a lot more solid when everyone's defending themselves from the Host's halos.

The ship's deck display appears to only show 12 decks. So how is deck 31 right in the middle?

It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to travel around the ship. Notably there's only eight minutes to crash before the Doctor is taken to deck 31, and he is only able to stop it after defeating Max and then making his way to the bridge.

The Doctor says that he's always wanted to say “take me to your leader”, which he's said several times before (most recently in Aliens of London). [He means in this body.]

If Max is able to just turn off the engines from inside his box, why bother paying off the Captain to deliberately attract a meteor shower? Also, why does he even need to be on the ship in the first place?

How does the Doctor take over the Host? He says they recognise him as the next highest authority after Max dies, but they think he's just a stowaway and have orders to kill him.

The intact side of the ship we see fly over Buckingham Palace is the same side we earlier saw massively damaged.

If one million pounds is roughly worth the same as fifty million credits then that 5000 credit phone bill that the Van Hoffs will need to spend twenty years paying off is only about £100.

Technobabble: Feed back the molecule grid. Boost it with the restoration matrix. Need more phase containment. If I can just link up the surface suspension.

Continuity: Earth is a level 5 planet.

Max Capricorn cruise liners claims to be the fastest, the farthest, the best and have been going for 176 years. Its staff use angelic-looking robots called the host as servitors and information providers. They can detach their halos and use them as weapons. They can be shut down via electromagnetic pulses. Saying "security protocol one" forces them to answer three questions before doing anything else, regardless of what other orders they have been given. The Titanic uses a nuclear storm\

The Titanic comes from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt and is on a cruise that allows passengers to experience "primitive cultures". Most of the population of Sto looks human. One of their films is called By the Light of the Asteroid, which features twins. In it a character called Joofie Crystalle has five husbands. Cyborgs on Sto are now getting equal rights, including the right to get married. Space lane fraud carries a penalty of 10 years in jail.

Omnistate impact chambers are indestructible enough to survive a supernova. Nitrophene metal is stronger than it looks.

The sonic screwdriver can uncork a champagne bottle but not do anything to the Host. Once the TARDIS is set adrift its programmed to lock onto the nearest centre of gravity. The Doctor says he's 903 years old. He uses code 771 to get a message through to the Queen.

Penhaxio 2 is a planet with notable beaches where the ladies are fond of metal.

Links: This follows on immediately from the end of Last of the Time Lords/Time Crash. Wilf mentions The Christmas Invasion and The Runaway Bride. The Doctor mentions the destruction of Gallifrey (first mentioned in The End of the World) and the constellation of Kasterborous (first mentioned in Pyramids of Mars).

Extras: This episode of Doctor Who had an episode of Doctor Who Confidential

Location: London and Earth orbit, Christmas 2008.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor was at the first Christmas, having booked the last room at the inn.

The Bottom Line: 'My Christmases are always like this.' A brilliant spectacle with some lovely emotional moments.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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