Partners in Crime

Roots: Slow Decay.

There are references to The Observer, and Watchdog,.

Goofs: A pill like this would require scientific testing before it could go on the market. So why is a journalist casting aspersions on its efficacy? And why doesn't Miss Foster point to that research in response?

One million customers is an awful lot for just the Greater London area, which at the time had a population in the region of eight million. It's also an awfully large area for the adipose to cross to get to Adipose Industries unless you have large teams operating some kind of collection points. And if they've got that many customers and have been operating for weeks, how are there only 10,000 adipose created? Even if Miss Foster is lying about the number of customers, there still ought to be way more than 10,000 adipose, even if the regularly created ones have all been sent to the spaceship already.

Donna arrives in the morning just so she can hide in the loo until the office closes? [And it's not just bad editing, she has to arrive before the Doctor, and he spends the whole day getting information out of the alien computer.]

Miss Foster deadlocks the building (apparently instantly), and yet the Doctor is still able to sonic his way through the windows by climbing to a different floor. Also in this scene, the cable Miss Foster cuts is not the cable that snaps.

How does the Doctor know that his and Miss Foster's sonic devices are identical?

How does Miss Foster know that the Doctor's interfering with her computer?

Donna's car has different numberplates at the start and end of the episode.

Technobabble: Synthesised mobilising lipase, bound to a large protein molecule; unscheduled parthenogenesis; bio-flip digital stitch.

Dialogue Triumphs: Penny: Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?
The Doctor: What are you, a journalist?
Well, make it up.

Memorable Moments: The Doctor and Donna talk to each other through two windows. And then get caught because of the conversation.

Continuity: Donna is unemployed. Since The Runaway Bride she's been looking for him by investigating UFOs, crop circles, sea monsters, and disappearing bees. She's found the first three. She has a friend called Veena. When she was six, she got on a bus to Strathclyde when her mum told her she wouldn't get a holiday that year. Wilf [who hasn't been named at this point] is Donna's granddad. He stargazes on his allotment.

The doctor has a stethoscope which can listen through windows. The sonic screwdriver can create a sonic cage, allowing the Doctor to control the window cleaning cradle. It can only be overridden by use of another sonic device. He can use it to zap Mrs Foster's sonic pen out of her hand. Her sonic pen can cut through steel cables.

Seeding a level five planet is against galactic law.

Mrs Foster is Matron Cofelia of the Five Straighten Classabindi Nursery Fleet. Intergalactic Class. The Adiposan First Family used to have a breeding planet where they would breed new adipose from body fat. This planet was lost. The adipose normally form from fat, but when directed to in an emergency they can convert bone, hair, and internal organs leaving nothing of the original host except their clothes.

Links: Donna originally appeared in The Runaway Bride, and Wilf in Voyage of the Damned. Miss Foster mentions the Shadow Proclamation (Rose), though here it appears to be an organisation whereas then it appeared to be a statement of law. The Doctor mentions Martha, and Rose makes a cameo at the end.

Extras: This episode of Doctor Who has an episode of Doctor Who: Confidential.

Location: London, 2009.

The Bottom Line: 'You've got a, a hatbox.' Gone is the irritating one-note Donna from The Runaway Bride, and in her place is a more interesting rounded character. The plot's pretty basic and the humour isn't everyone's taste, but it's a fairly decent story.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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