Revenge of the Slitheen

Roots: The plot is largely a rehash of Aliens of London/World War Three, Boom Town, and School Reunion. There are references to Jamie Oliver., Manimal. High School Musical,Tangfastics, and Haribo.

Goofs: The six weeks of a school summer holiday is an incredibly short period of time in which to construct a new technology block in the school.

In Invasion of the Bane, Maria was due to start at the new school next week. That's a remarkably short timescale to get Luke into the school (Mr Smith hacked the school records when he was creating Luke's new identity).

Kelsey (Invasion of the Bane) is absent from assembly, even though in that story she clearly goes to the same school as Maria is starting. [She's either skiving off, or got run over by a bus.]

The subtitles have Maria saying “math” rather than “maths”.

If the Slitheen systems cause cellular decay fast enough to make the food in the canteen go off, why don't they cause some form of illness in humans who spend time near them?

If the stations use underground railways as a cooling system, then why build them in Ealing and Amersham – where the tube lines are above ground?

The Slitheen devices drain electricity, heat, and light. So why do they claim that they will snatch the atmosphere away? And why do they believe Luke's claim about the sun exploding? It's plausible that they're stealing the solar energy that makes it to Earth, but if the devices have the range to actually affect the Sun, then their plan to be picked up by a spaceship can't work, because the ship will lose its power.

The child Slitheen clearly teleported away, rather than dying. So why did everybody act as if he had died?

Technobabble: Synchronise the megawattage.

Dialogue Triumphs: Clyde: 'I've seen weird people. I know weird people. But you two? You're beyond weird.'
Luke: 'Go find some normal people then.'

Continuity: Clyde is originally from Hounslow. He moved to the area with his mum when his parents split up. He carries Wolverine deodorant in his bag.

Alan works in IT.

Maria, Luke, and Clyde now attend Park Vale School. Luke and Clyde are in form 10B and share most of their classes with each other, but not many with Maria. The school think that Luke is 14.

Ivan is a Judo instructor.

Sarah tells Alan she's never found the time to be married.

Raxicoracofallapatorians are vulnerable to being sprayed with pungent substances. The Slitheen family have fallen on hard times. The Judoon have been forcing them out and the other families have been closing in on them. Raxicoracofalapatorius has a Grand Council and a Senate. The Blathereen and Hostrozeen are dominant families.

Baaraddelskelliumfatrexius beasts are similar to giant squirrels.They used to roam the plains of Raxicoracofalapatorius,and meant that hunting was the only way for Raxicoracofallapatorians to keep their food safe. They were killed off centuries ago.

Earth is a level 5 planet. There are references to a Galactic Police.

Links: The Slitheen previously appeared in Aliens of London/World War Three, Boom Town, and The Monsters Inside. There are references to the Judoon (Smith and Jones) and the Blathereen (The Monsters Inside). Sarah mentions Rose's comment about Slitheen in Downing Street (School Reunion). There's a mention of Clom (Love & Monsters). Sarah mentions her travels with the Doctor and mentions the Brigadier. The Slitheen mention Wallarians (previously mentioned in Carnival of Monsters).

Location: Ealing, early September.

The Bottom Line: 'The four of us with vinegar in plastic squeezies.' The villains ham it up rather too much, but everything else about this is brilliant, Clyde is a great addition to the regular cast.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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