The Lost Boy

Roots: There are references to PC World, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Chelsea FC, Frank Lampard, Kasabian, the Arctic Monkeys, The X-Files, Frankenstein, Only Fools and Horses, Star Trek (phasers and photon torpedoes), Terminator (Arnie's Uzi 9mm), and the FBI.

Goofs: In Invasion of the Bane Sarah's scanner confirms that Luke is only a few hours old, so why does she believe Mr Smith's claim that Luke is the Ashley who's gone missing?

The file photo of Sarah is clearly a still from The Curse of Peladon, a story that took place on an alien planet thousands of years in the future.

If “Ashley” is a Spurs fan, as his “father” says, why is all his football stuff Chelsea? [The Slitheen haven't done their research into human culture very well.]

At the end Chrissie joins everybody, but doesn't say anything about Sarah or Luke being there, even though she thinks Sarah kidnapped Luke from his real parents. [This is some time later, and they came up with a cover story that Chrissie actually believed.]

Technobabble: Magnusark's Law of Hyperdimensional Relativity.

Our energy focus stabilisation. MITRE. Magnified Intensification of Telekinetic Reactive Energies.

Dialogue Triumphs: Maria: "Sometimes things from space are evil and scary, but how's that so different from here on Earth? And sometimes things from space are amazing and beautiful, and you realise how incredible it all is. We're part of something so much bigger than living here on Bannerman Road. Life is so much more than most people will ever know. And I've been really lucky, Dad. I've seen that and I can't give it up."

Continuity: Maria is 14. Clyde is a fan of both Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys. He can touch-type. Luke doesn't like football or green peppers. Clyde has recently got him listening to Kasabian. His intelligence gives him exceptional potential to create telekinetic energy.

Alan works in cyber-security. He has a copy of a computer virus called the Armageddon Code, which a cyber terrorist tried to use to destroy the entire international banking network before being stopped by the FBI.

Sarah leaves a spare house key under one of her plant pots. The sonic lipstick can disable both the Pharos Institute's security lasers and the motorbike one of their guards is riding. The police have a file that says Sarah was a member of UNIT, that UNIT was formed in response to the events of The Web of Fear, and listing some of the events they were involved with (the front page makes no mention of aliens).

18 months ago, Sarah acquired a crystal from Krakatoa. It interfaced with her laptop, telling Sarah that it could help her keep track of alien life coming to Earth, and so designed and created Mr Smith. The Crystal was actually part of a lifeform called the Xylok, who are trapped under Earth's surface, and because of that it had the secret goal of finding a way to free the Xylok. Mr Smith has the ability to transport a person inside its software and has some built-in guns which Sarah doesn't seem aware of.

The Slitheen have new slimline fleshsuits and a sonic device that puts humans out cold for hours. The telekinetic technology they have can store telekinetic energy in tanks, though Luke is capable of overloadiing the system. They mention Bartleboigle trees, which are presumably native to Raxacoracofallapatorius.

The Pharos Parascience Institute was set up twenty years ago to study paranormal phenomena. The Slitheen have provided them with a device that gives the power of telekinesis.

The Kalazian Lights look like a meteor shower. The last time they were visible from Earth was four thousand years ago. The Metrabeelen Cosmic Cluster is home to sixty eight thousand life forms.

Links: There are flashbacks to Invasion of the Bane, Revenge of the Slitheen and Eye of the Gorgon. Maria mentions Sarah's travels with the Doctor and Clyde mentions the skateboarding from Whatever happened to Sarah Jane?.

The file on Sarah and UNIT mentions the events of Day of the Daleks The Mind of Evil, and The Ambassadors of Death. The Slitheen's slim-line fleshsuits are presumably the model seen in The Monsters Inside.

Location: Bannerman Road & Park Vale School in Ealing, Hammersmith, and the Pharos Parascience Institute [Early 2009].

The Bottom Line: 'We may have to stop off at a chip shop.' There are some genuinely brilliant twists and the plot is as epic as the budget and format allows. The Slitheen, however, are a bit too hammy.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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