Ghost Machine

Roots: There is brief mention of Strictly Come Dancing, Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic.

Goofs: Jack can easily survive a bullet to the head. So why does he flinch so dramatically when Gwen points the gun at him during training? Especially since this is before he disengages the safety. It can't be a reflex action, because he didn't do it when Susie pointed a gun at his head in Day One

The flashback to World War 2 shows a number of more modern features (street lighting, electric traffic signals ticket barriers). [Presumably the device just superimposes the people onto the present day location.]

Splott is apparently the kind of neighbourhood where Owen's fancy car would be unlikely to still be there when he got back to it.

Technobabble: The device uses nanotechology and is said to be a Quantum Transducer. Apparently it converts quantum energy and amplifies it, and human emotion is energy.

Continuity: Torchwood has the ability to hack into medical records.

Jack lives in the Hub and doesn't sleep.

Gwen doesn't even kill spiders in the bath. In this story she learns to fire a gun. Rhys sometimes plays poker with a mate called Dav whose other half is called Karen. There is a flashback to Gwen and Rhys getting ready for Gwen's mum's 60th Birthday party, though there is no indication how long ago that was.

Owen has enough of a conscience to want to bring Ed Morgan to justice. After he knows that's not possible, he wants vengeance enough to make sure Morgan knows that other people know what he's done, and then, later, to want to kill Morgan (though he does manage to control himself).

The alien device is in two halves. The half we see for most of the episode shows its user past events, including the emotions of one of the participants. Put the two together, and the show the same for future events. It is suggested that the other half will show future events if used on its own. At the end of the episode, Ianto places this device into secure storage.

Extras: This episode has an episode of Torchwood Declassified.

Location: Various areas of Cardiff over a period of four days. 1941 is said to be "66 years ago", making it 2007 (though you could say very late 2006 or very early 2007). The Strictly Come Dancing final was on during the first night, making it probably December (though the fact that it was won by a female newsreader suggests a date of December 2004).

The device shows scenes from 1941 and 29th March 1963.

The Bottom Line: A definite improvement on the last two episodes, but still nothing special. The highlight of the episode was the comedy chase through the back gardens. And three episodes in we've had a rape or attempted rape at least once per episode.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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