Roots: The Supernatural episode 'The Benders', legends of the Sawney Bean clan, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Goofs: The victim in the first scene is looking for her keys on the wrong side of the steering wheel.

Owen seems surprised when Jack says they're going to be camping. Why on earth did he think they'd packed those three big tents into the SUV? They must have been taking up most of the luggage space.

What's the point of using crime scene tape by the first corpse they find? It's in the middle of nowhere.

If Torchwood know they're walking into a trap when they get to the village why do they immediately split up?

Ianto turns his back and then mere seconds later Tosh has been captured and dragged out of sight, all without a single sound. Yet we never see any other instances of the cannibals being superhumanly fast.

Gwen is really lucky to have had so little damage from the shotgun. And she gives up rather easily during the standoff.

And it's rather convenient that the villagers keep their "meat" alive and able to walk around for so long. They give their prisoners far too many opportunities to escape.

If the villagers do this every ten years, why didn't Torchwood's files show the long-term pattern? They do hi-tech computer searches for all their other investigations, but just decide to show up unprepared for this one? [Perhaps previous killings were on a much smaller scale, so the pattern wasn't obvious.]

When Jack comes in all guns blazing his final shots are with his pistol, yet the end of that sequence shows shotgun shells hitting the ground. I'm amazed they fitted into the

Gwen cheating on Rhys with Owen seems entirely out of character for her. Has Owen been using those alien rape hormones (Everything Changes) again?

Double Entendres: Tosh, when they're pitching tents,: "Need a hand getting it up Owen?"

Continuity: Torchwood's SUV has a tracker inside it, and the tracking software can tells the Torchwood team how long it's been stationery.

Tosh has never met a cell she couldn't get out of. A friend of hers once caught hepatitus from a burger van burger.

Owen hates both the countryside and camping. Dealing with patients was the bit of being a doctor that Owen always hated.

Jack claims that no other race in the universe goes camping. He says that a long time ago he used to be the go-to guy for totrutre.

Owen and Tosh snogged on Christmas Eve outside the Millenium Centre whilst waiting for a cab, she had mistletoe.

Ianto never liked camping.

Gwen has been avoiding Owen since they snogged [was that during Cyberwoman]?

Links: Ianto mentions Lisa and Owen mentions snogging Gwen (both from Cyberwoman).

Extras: This story has an episode of Torchwood De-Classified.

Location: An unnamed village and surrounding countryside somwhere near Cardiff (it's close enough that Andy is one of the police officers who arrive to arrest the villagers, but the disapperances are over a twenty mile radius).

The Bottom Line: This is a fairly pedestrian horror story which is badly let down by the extremely unconvincing attempt to set up a romance between Gwen and Owen. On first viewing the twist that the bad guys are normal (albeit insane) human beings is mildly diverting. But if you already know what's going on there's no substance to it.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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