Random Shoes

Roots: The Sixth Sense. David Bowie's Starman is used as background music. Eugune's dad sings O Danny Boy. Characters watch clips from A for Andromeda and Walking with Dinosaurs.

Goofs: Ebay prohibits the sale of both body parts and Nazi memorabilia, so they can't have been in the mystery bidder's bid history. Also, when bidding gets to the that kind of level, it goes up in increments of £100, rather than $5.50.

Eugene's family all have Welsh accents and have lived in Cardiff for at least 14 years. So why does he have an English accent?

The decision to change the title from Invisible Eugene to Random Shoes two weeks before broadcast.

Continuity: Eugene Jones is a maths and alien geek who was always trying to talk to Torchwood and show them things. His collection of arteacts include things that he has labelled as follows: fragment of shuttle, "authenticated" pre-gorgon Pilurian currency, the 100 clusters of pixian asterites, and dactovian rock shards. He has a collection of "Star Team 3000" magazines. He recently sold a Dogon sixth eye on eBay, which is an artefact that allows you to "see behind you, where you've been. Kind of puts things in perspective." Jack says that there was a trade in them.

Links: Eugene comments on the Doctor's hand (The Christmas Invasion

Extras: This story has an episode of Torchwood De-Classified.

Location: Cardiff and Aberystwyth, "14 years" after 1992; the South Wales Interschool Maths Contest final 1992.

The Bottom Line: "The average life is full of near misses and absolute hits." There's a great concept and decent writing here, but the story just doesn't quite come together. Perhaps because Eugene just isn't a compelling enough character to hang this on. It's still better than most of the season so far, though.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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