Roots: The first root of Combat is that we do not talk about Fight Club. The second root of Combat is that we do not talk about Fight Club.

Dan Hodges has Crazy Frog as his ringtone.

Goofs: Rhys falls asleep from the amnesia pill almost immediately. In [torrchwood]Everything Changes[/torchwood], Gwen was able to get home and start typing up notes on Torchwood before it dd the same to her. [Gwen accidentally used a larger dose.]

How did Lynch's group find the weevils in the first place? (especially the one Torchwood released). Is it related to how they easily found the tracker?

Dialogue Triumphs: Lynch: "You work yourself stupid. Get a house, a car, plasma screen, You end up with a workforce. People there specifically to look after your every whim. You're officially successful. And what does it bring? Nothing. Success has no worth other than itself."

Lynch: "We're the dispossessed now, Owen. All the certainties our fathers had are gone. We're a generation of no faith. In society, in religion, or in life. All we can do is reduce ourselves to the basics."

Continuity: The weevils are becoming immune to the spray that Torchwood usually use to subdue them. Owen's thinks they have a low level of telepathic ability to share emotion across distance. The one in Torchwood custody feels the pain of the one that is involved in “fight club”.

Owen and Gwen appear to still be carrying on their affair, and Owen hasn't told her about Diane. Gwen tells Rhys about her affair, but uses Retcon to make him forget.

Owen can pick locks and hates grapes.

They have a device that, by being attached to the outside of a laptop's monitor, can copy all of its files and transmit them to Torchwood.

Rhys's friend Daf is mentioned.

Links: We again see Weevils. There are references to Diane from Out of Time, Owen and Gwen's affair from Countrycide, and Retcon (Everything Changes and They Keep Killing Suzie. Gwen eats Jubilee Pizza (torchwood]Everything Changes[/torchwood]. Lynch uses (Rose),

Extras: This story has an episode of Torchwood De-Classified.

Location: Cardiff, not that long after Out of Time.

The Bottom Line: "All we can do is reduce ourselves to the basics." This episode is strong, solid, but not spectacular. Which still makes it above average for Season 1 Torchwood.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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