To the Last Man

Roots: The Sleeper Awakes.

There are references to General Haig, Charlie Chaplin, and Captain Scott. We head the song Who's Gonna Find Me in the background. The song the patient sings starting “Tick tock wind up the clock” may be a real period song, but I haven't been able to verify that.

Goofs: Why are there recruitment posters in a military hospital?

If the hospital is being knocked down, why is the electricity still on?

Why does Jack tell Tosh about Tommy's fate? Does he not anticipate her reaction?

Why does Tommy forget both Tosh and what he's supposed to be doing once he's back in 1918?

Continuity: Torchwood acquired alien cryogenic technology in Victorian times. By 1918, they had the ability to place a time lock on sealed orders, ensuring that they could not be opened until the correct time. They froze Tommy in 1918, wake him up one day every year to check he's still healthy.

Tosh has been at Torchwood for the last four times Tommy has woken up, whilst this is the first time Gwen has been there.

Links: St Teilo's Military Hospital, 1918; Cardiff, probably June 2008.

Extras: This episode of Torchwood has an episode of Torchwood; DeClassified.

Location: St Teilo's Military Hospital, 1918; Cardiff, probably June.

Unrecorded Adventures: Jack says that he was there during World War 1. He mentions The Somme and Passchendaele, but it's not clear if he was actually at either battle. It's also not clear whether this was during his period as a time agent, a lone time traveller, or his time working for Torchwood.

The Bottom Line:Tommy, I think you'd better come with us.” On paper this looks like a brilliant idea for a Torchwood episode with a strong emotional core. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite come off. There's nothing wrong with this episode, but you can't help think that it ought to have turned out to be another gem on the level of Out of Time.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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