Roots: Border Princes

Goofs: The video of Rhys that Jack's getting from his phone is very high quality. [It's enhanced by Torchwood tech.]

Why does Rhys think that garlic is an essential ingredient in spaghetti bolognaise?

Rhys has memories of Adam, so why doesn't Jack ensure he gets retcon as well. And why aren't Rhys's memories enough to keep Adam alive? [Adam requires implanted memories, and he didn't actually touch Rhys to implant any in him.]

Technobabble: Meson energy.

Continuity: Torchwood classifies some of its artefacts as “class D”.

Gwen has just been on weekend break to Paris. Her and Rhys live in a buzzer access flat. They met at college their first kiss was in a supermarket.

Tosh's favourite sandwiches are smoked salmon.

Ianto keeps a diary.

They have a working lie detector.

Tosh had no friends when she got her first flat.

Owen's mother doesn't like him. It's implied that he left home at 16.

Links: There are references to Jack's brother Gray (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Jack having absent memories (The Doctor Dances), Lisa (Cyberwoman), and a war in the 51st Century (The Talons of Weng-Chiang). Retcon (first seen in Everything Changes) is key to the plot.

Extras: This episode had an episode of Torchwood: DeClassified

Location: Cardiff, c. 2008. The Boeshane penninsula, the 51st Century.

Future History: Jack grew up in the Boeshane peninsula. His little brother was called Gray, and was lost when the two boys were fleeing an attack that killed their dad.

The Bottom Line: 'That's all we've got, really. Memories.' This is a rather enjoyable little character story. It's nice to see Owen become actually likeable for an episode. The reversal of the Owen/Tosh relationship as it's been in recent episodes is a real highlight.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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