Dead Man Walking

Roots: Zombie films.

Jack quotes Proust and Owen mentions War and Peace.

Goofs: Why are Torchwood even bothering with an autopsy? They already know the cause of death. [Is it because the gunshot wound looks wrong?] Why is Martha starting it with a saw, rather than a scalpel? And if Jack's got this idea about a second resurrection glove, why wait until the autopsy is starting to stop it?

How does Jack even know about the second glove in the first place? He seems unfamiliar with the legend when Gwen finds it, and he clearly had no prior knowledge in the other two episodes featuring it. Also, if the church was built on top of the glove, then why is it in an easily accessible box, rather than buried in the foundations? And speaking of that scene, how have Torchwood not located and done something about the Weevils living there?

Why would Owen be the only member of Torchwood with the code for the alien morgue? Surely Jack and Ianto would both have made a point of learning it in case anything happened to Owen.

So the police arrest two men for fighting in a club. Why would they lock them up in the same cell?

If Owen's body is turning into energy, why does he still look completely human even up to the point it reaches 95%?

Martha claims that they can't even begin to understand what's happening to Owen, and then follows it up with some exposition that requires at least a little bit of understanding. [She's using a figure of speech, rather than saying what she actually means.]

Jack's line about how long life means he doesn't make stuff up suggests he's entirely forgotten what the Doctor's like about namedropping. [He's saying that to make Owen feel better.]

What was the priest of St Mary's doing performing a miracle in the walled-up parish of St James?

1479 is over a century too late for the Black Death.

Why do none of the nurses check the toilets during the evacuation? Surely this would be standard procedure.

So nobody on the Torchwood team knows how to break through a window.

Continuity: Owen is Torchwood Officer 565. [That number seems quite low, given the apparent size of Torchwood One in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, so maybe it refers specifically to Torchwood Cardiff or the first digit specifies a particular kind of Torchwood officer.]

There is a large group of weevils sleeping in St Mary's church. There is someone who looks like a young girl doing tarot readings who knows the location of a second resurrection glove. She says that the church of St Mary's was built on its site because people realised what the glove can do.

Links: The resurrection glove was previously seen in Everything Changes and They Keep Killing Suzie. and Tosh's translation device was also seen in Everything Changes.

Extras: This episode of Torchwood had an episode of Torchwood: DeClassified.

Location: Cardiff, very soon after Reset [probably the same night, but this isn't explicitly stated.]

Unrecorded Adventures: Jack claims to have dated Proust.

The Bottom Line: 'I'm not sure the living should know. An interesting exploration of what it would actually be like if a dead man was still walking around quickly gives way to a generic runaround with a forgettable monster.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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