Something Borrowed

Roots: The Angel episode “Expecting”. Avengers #200.

There are references to Fred Astaire and his film Easter Parade. The Lone Ranger, and The Evil Dead. We hear the wedding march and “You do something to me “

Goofs: As Gwen notes, having your hen do the night before the wedding is such a bad idea.

Jack refers to Gwen's pregnancy as “immaculate conception”, which is the belief that the Virgin Mary was born without original sin, rather than anything to do with the virgin birth.

Nobody notices that the best man isn't at the wedding. How did they expect to do the exchanging of the rings without him?

Torchwood just happens to have the big gun in the SUV, despite only realising they need it right at the end.

Mervyn, the man who was killed, was supposed to be running the disco, but it still takes place. So who's running it?

Dialogue Triumphs: Jack: "What is it with you? Ever since Owen died, all you ever do is agree with him."
Ianto: "I was brought up never to speak ill of the dead."

Continuity: Gwen's parents live in Swansea and, despite the impending wedding, haven't seen her for ages – visits keep getting cancelled due to Torchwood work. Their names are Geraint and Mary [the latter is only established in the credits]. Rhys's parents are Brenda and Barry. The best man in Banana Boat. Gwen's full name is Gwen Elizabeth Cooper and Rhys's is Rhys Alun Williams. When Rhys was 12 he loved Cerys Morgan.

Ianto's dad was a master taylor.

Nostrovites are a race of shape-shifting carnivores with a taste for human flesh. They mate for life. The male Nostrovite carries the fertilized eggs in a sac in its mouth and passes it on to a host with a bite. The female Nostrovite then tracks down the host and rips it open. Male Nostrovites are easily killed by bullets whilst female ones are immune. They cannot imitate smells but can smell when somebody is dead.

Level six retcon mixed with champagne makes people fall asleep.

Links: There's a flashback to Gwen telling Jack about her engagement in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The singularity scalpel was first seen in Reset. Owen's injured hand happened in A Day in the Death.

Extras: This episode of Torchwood has an episode of Torchwood: DeClassified

Location: Cardiff, 2008.

The Bottom Line:By day you're chasing the scum of the universe. Come midnight, you're the Wedding Fairy.” An enjoyable romp.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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