From Out of the Rain

Roots: The Mr Shape storyline from Sapphire and Steel. There are references to the Bible (Samson, Goliath) and Greek mythology (Hercules).

Goofs: The patients are dehydrated, yet none of them appear to be attached to drips. Are the medical staff totally incompetent?

There are two different scenes where Jack is having a remote conversation with Tosh but clearly isn't wearing an earpiece or using a phone.

Jack says he never found out anything about the Night Travellers and never performed with them, yet he is clearly in the footage of them performing.

Jonathan's flat is weird. From the outside it looks like a small shack that's on the upper floor of a warehouse, but the inside is way bigger than can possibly fit into that shack. Plus, the entrance to the building appears to be on residential street full of normal houses.

The Night Walkers are caught on black-and-white film, but come our of that film in full colour.

The final scene, with having to catch the flask before the breaths escape isn't explained at all, especially how Ianto figured out that's what he had to do. For that matter, why is he running away on foot – why not use the SUV?

Continuity: Ianto used to come to the Electro cinema with his dad, as they showed kids films on a Saturday morning. Gwen is also familiar with the venue.

The Night Travellers were a ghost story – travelling performers who only performed in the dead of night, and left a trail of damage and sorrow wherever they performed. Two members were trapped on film. Their leader calls himself the Ghostmaker. One of them can steal people's last breath and store it in a flask. It is never made clear what they are or what they want.

Links: Owen's hand is still bandaged, and has no breath (Dead Man Walking).

Extras: This episode of Torchwood had an accompanying episode of Torchwood: Declassified.

Location: Cardiff. The film was somewhere around 80 years before.

Unrecorded Adventures: Around 80 years ago, Jack was ordered to investigate the Night Travellers. [When asked who sent him he says it's a long story – implying that it wasn't Torchwood.]

The Bottom Line: 'A nice trip to the cinema, you said.' The Night Travellers are suitably creepy, but this is just a standard runaround with no depth.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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