Exit Wounds

Roots: We hear “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper”.

Goofs: John says that 27AD is beyond the reach of Gray's trigger signal and tracker, and yet Gray turns up almost immediately and threatens John with the trigger. This can't be a pre-planned lie, since John is surprised at that plan to bury Jack alive.

When Jack is dug up he's buried 20 foot deep, but there's no way the pit he's buried in is that deep, and that's a long way for him to sink.

Jack's clothes are in rather good condition after 1874 years in the earth. Also, why doesn't he seem to be aware that he is in the vaults and set to wake up on this date?

What happens to the ring? It should be stored somewhere in the Hub, yet they can't find the signal?

Things at the nuclear power plant go badly remarkably easy. There should be multiple redundant safety systems (which default to shutting the reactor down) and more than one staff member in the control room in the event of problems. Also, why would venting the coolant make a difference? And why would it vent into the control room where there will be people present (and which is usually located some way away from the actual reactor), rather than to a location where there won't?

The reference to Owen's second week being Aliens of London seems to contradict the timeline established in Fragments, where Owen was recruited four years ago [The Owen flashbacks take place over the space of over a year.]

Continuity: According to Torchwood files the Hoix live to eat and will eat anything.

John found Gray chained to the ruins of a city on the Bedlam Outlands,surrounded by corpses. He had been tortured, blamed Jack, and wanted nothing but revenge.

Links: The story carries on from the end of Fragments. Gray's backstory is seen in Adam, John was previously seen in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

The Hoix was previously seen in Love & Monsters. Owen refers to his effect on Weevils from A Day in the Death, and he and Tosh discuss their plans for a date (Meat, Reset, A Day in the Death). Their discussion of the Space Pig incident refers to Aliens of London.

Extras: This episode of Torchwood had an episode of Torchwood: DeClassified.

Location: Cardiff, 27 AD and c. 2009.

Unrecorded Adventures: Last year Torchwood caught a Hoix in a kebab shop in Barry. He had eaten seven donner sticks in twenty minutes.

The Bottom Line: 'He's completely crippled us, Tosh and Owen's deaths are suitably dramatic. But everything else about the episode is just a standard Torchwood runaround with a bit of extra continuity.

Discontinuity Guide by Stephen Gray

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