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An Unearthly Child

This was the first ever Doctor Who story, beginning Season One.

It is sometimes called 100,000 BC (the final working title) or The Tribe of Gum (an earlier working title - used for the script book).

Where does this fit?

This happens at the start of the series.

The characters listed below are the series regulars, important recurring characters, and real life historical characters. If a character's appearance is a major spoiler, then their details will be hidden in spoiler tags. In general, recurring characters are not listed here on their first appearance unless they become a series regular during the story, or they are a real life historical character.


The First Doctor

The first Doctor looks like a human in his sixties. He is physically quite frail, but has a keen intellect. He is paternalistic towards his granddaughter, and has a degree of arrogance towards others. This is his first appearance.


Susan Foreman

Susan Foreman is the Doctor's granddaughter. She and the Doctor left their home planet in Lungbarrow (Virgin New Adventure). Susan adopted the surname Foreman whilst staying on Earth during 1963. This is her first appearance.

Ian Chesterton

Ian Chesterton is a science teacher from Coal Hill School, 1963. This is his first appearance.

Barbara Wright

Barbara Wright is a history teacher from Coal Hill School, 1963. This is her first appearance.

Recurring and Historical Characters


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