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Digital Time/Place Orientation Printout

Time and Place display

Right before materialization a Temporal Probe determines the current year of destination. The resulting time print is displayed on what some operators refer to as the Yearometer screen when the time calculator button is pressed. Unless the voice integrator's text translation option is active, the readout is given in Absolute Time and a formula is needed to convert the date to Earth Time.

Right after materialization, the Astrosextant Rectifier will attempt to confirm that a TARDIS has arrived at the correct space-time coordinates. If the sky is visible, the Spectrum-Mixer can also be used to roughly determine the current spatial (and presumably temporal) location by analysing the position of nearby stars.

There can be significant delay in confirming the coordinates if the TARDIS is 'unsure' of the current time zone. The digits will be read out as precisely as the TARDIS Probe and Rectifier can determine. Information that can't be fixed will continue to fluctuate. If the current location is not know at all the readout will state "Location Unknown" in green text. Gallifrey (or maybe just the Death Zone) shows up as "no time" and "no place" on the TARDIS instruments. A reading of all zeros on the yearometer indicates that the TARDIS has jumped a time track..

A damaged Sterometer will reduce the accuracy of the Rectifier to within a few thousand light years. Similarly localized time friction can cause yearometer's safety device to reset to zero. But its built in memory will restore its function when the TARDIS leaves the time zone. A collision with an entity in the Vortex, such as the Mandragora Helix can thrown the Rectifier out of phase. Malfunctions can sometimes be compensated for by manipulating the time Tachograph.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

  • Black: For information from the TV Series, including Dimensions in Time, and 1996 TV Movie.
  • Blue: For information from the Novels and Audios including Target, Virgin, BCC, and Big Finish.
  • Green: For information from 'licensed' reference sources such as the Technical Manual, Doctor Who Magazine, and the Role Playing Games.
  • Red: For information from unofficial sources -The Faction Paradox series, behind the scenes interviews, author's speculation, and popular fan belief.
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