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1982 saw two unusual incidents occurring. The first was an isolated event in the isolated Scottish village of Muirbridge. There were reports of a strange battle in the local pub, which included explosions, of people being kidnapped, and of UNIT troops going AWOL. A UNIT clean-up squad was sent to investigate matters, and a local nursing home, rumoured to provide a cure for Alzheimer's disease, was closed down.

The Heathrow Incident

During Summer 1982, the Speedbird Concorde 192 vanished whilst approaching Heathrow Airport. According to reports from airport staff, the Youthful Doctor, backed by Sir John Sudbury and Department C-19 took charge of the investigation. The results of the investigation were never published, though the missing Concorde was found. British Airways publicly blamed the incident on faulty radar equipment, and claimed to have mended the fault. However, once the lost Concorde was discovered, flights resumed as normal.

This, however, was not the whole story. One of the passengers on the missing flight sold her story to the gutter press. She claimed that the missing Concorde had travelled back to the age of Dinosaurs, and that whilst there they met some aliens, before some people from our time came back to defeat the aliens and get the passengers back. Her story sounds far too incredible to be true, but it certainly explains how a Concorde could just disappear so close to Heathrow Airport.

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