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During 1996, UNIT had a particularly active time. It had to deal with the publication of James Stevens' exposé of UNIT entitled Who Killed Kennedy, and a temporary closure of the UK branch by the UN in New York. Furthermore, the conspiracy theorist film State Secret was released.

Who Killed Kennedy

Who Killed Kennedy was a book written by former journalist James Stevens based on his investigations of UNIT UK in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It contained his story and early investigations into UNIT, and the interference of department C-19 in his life. The book was officially labelled as Science Fiction, and many of the details of the book are simply wrong. However, enough of the book is correct that we consider it useful reading on UNIT. The ending of the book seems seriously contrived - perhaps the writer or editor thought that publishing it as a science-fiction book with that ending would increase its sales. Some might say that the book was edited to make it look as if it were merely science fiction.

Since the publication of the book, we have tried to contact Stevens to gain his input into this site. However, he appears to have disappeared. Perhaps a secret service has disappeared him for publishing the book. Perhaps his story really was true, and he did go back in time and kill Kennedy. However, we have obtained some of the notes on which the book is based.

UNIT's Suspension

In April 1996, a powerful UN committee suspended the activities of UNIT UK as part of an investigation into its conduct. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was summoned to New York to address the committee, which was - amongst other things - looking into the budgets and requisitions of the Scientific Advisor to UNIT during the 1960s and 1970s. This may well have been a reference to the UNIT Doctor. The committee were eventually satisfied that UNIT UK's budget had been justified. Some accounts of this committee report that there had been a bomb planted in the room where evidence was being taken.

State Secret

The film State Secret, released in this year, was a major event in the Conspiracy Theorist world, and was also quite well known. It claimed to expose a series of state secrets concerning extra-terrestrial life and government contact with it. Although it never mentioned UNIT, it dealt with a lot of incidents in which UNIT had been involved. In the US, the general public assumed that this film was just science fiction. In the UK, however, the government made the mistake of publicly denying everything in the film - rather than just ignoring it. Therefore, a big debate ensued in the media about how much of the film might have been true.

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