Web in Space

Roots: The Blake’s 7 episode ‘The Web’. There is a reference to H. Samuel.

Continuity: The Gloriana Scattering is an out-of-the-way asteroid field light years from end to end. It orbits Gloriana XVI and is the remains of its planets, which were blown apart in a gravity quake thousands of years earlier.

The Empire of Eternal Victory was original established by organics, but they were wiped out or died out. When the first Synthetic Emperor took the throne one or two thousand yars earlier, it wiped all the databanks of the First Empire, and ordered the robots to wipe their personal databanks. The robots took over when the first Empire died out. The robots are sentient A-Is, whose bodies are made up of various scavenged components, as are their ships. It is implied that the ship seen here is the last surviving remnant of the Empire. Zero-1 has heard of the Time Lords.

Diamondweb spiders are vast alien spiders that live in asteroid belts and feed on metal from asteroids, comets, and anything else caught in their webs, including spaceships. Their webs are made of diamond, which they secrete: they were hunted almost to extinction by people who wanted them as fashion accessories or jewellery factories. The Doctor suspects that the one seen here is the last of her kind and swears Captain Jones to keep her existence a secret.

The TARDIS has ultrasonic influx hinges. The Doctor extends its atmospheric bubble so that he can stand on the spider’s web.

Chelonian sky-maidens were the terror of Galaxy 16.

Links: Rory recalls the alien ships above Stonehenge (The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang). The Empire’s ship contains parts of a Dalek saucer, a Sontaran warsphere and a Chelonian sky-maiden (The Highest Science, Zamper, The Well-Mannered War).

Location: On board the Black Horizon and the Empire of Eternal Victory’s ship, the Gloriana Scattering, the future.

Future History: The Black Horizon belongs to the Earth Core Couriers, which ship items across space. It is shipping medical supplies to the Earth colony Hephestus Beta, which is suffering from an outbreak of Orion flu.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has seen a Diamondweb Spider before, but not for centuries.

The Bottom Line: Rather good fun, largely due to some excellent robot villains and a *really* big spider. The regulars are all well captured and Bailey confounds expectations, with the Black Horizon being destroyed.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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