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Excelis Rising

This is the second story in Big Finish's Excelis series.

Where does this fit?

This happens in the period after Season 23's The Trial of a Time Lord when the Doctor is travelling alone.


The sixth Doctor is tall with curly blond hair. He wears a multicoloured patchwork coat. He is overbearing and arrogant, liking to be the centre of attention.


None. The Doctor is travelling alone in this story.

Recurring and Historical Characters

In Excelis Dawns the Doctor encountered a warlord called Lord Grayvorn, and accompanied him on a quest to find a mysterious relic, which was supposedly the gateway to the afterlife. Grayvorn fell off a tower whilst struggling with the Mother Superior for possession of the Relic, but somehow survived.

The Doctor encountered the Mother Superior of a convent in Excelis during Excelis Dawns The Mother Superior didn't want Lord Grayvorn to have control of the relic, wanting to make use of its powers herself. She fell off a tower whilst struggling with Grayvorn for possession of the Relic.



Excelis Dawns sets up the characters of Lord Grayvorn and the Mother Superior, as well as the powers of the Relic.

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