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Time of Your Life

This is the eighth novel in Virgin's Missing Adventures series.

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This story happens shortly after Season 23 (The Trial of a Time Lord) and before the future adventure shown in that story (Terror of the Vervoids).

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The sixth Doctor is brash, stubborn, and often condescending and arrogant. He wears a bright multi-coloured coat. In The Trial of a Time Lord, he encountered an evil version of his future self called the Valeyard and saw a future adventure of his where he was accompanied by a companion called Mel who was a computer programmer. He is now determined to prevent this future of his from happening.


There are two possible companions introduced in this novel. One is Angela Jennings, the other is Grant Markham, They are both brand new characters.

Recurring and Historical Characters


It might help to be vaguely familiar with the plot of The Trial of a Time Lord, but the important bits have been written out above.

This story is, in large part, a satire of the state of British TV (including the phenomenon of "video nasties") in the early 90s. It particularly references the events surrounding the cancellation of Doctor Who and the campaigner Mary Whitehouse (who campaigned against things like sex and violence being shown on TV). You can still understand and enjoy this story if the satire goes over your head, but you're definitely missing out on something if you don't understand it. If you want to catch up on it, the easiest way is to read up on the period.


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