Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

Carnival of Monsters

This is the second story in Season 10.


The Third Doctor has white hair, a large nose, and tends to dress as a society dandy. He has a love of technology, historical name-dropping, and vehicles. In The War Games the Doctor's people (the Time Lords) sentenced him to exile on Earth. In Spearhead from Space, he was appointed as scientific advisor to UNIT. In The Three Doctors the Time Lords revoked his exile.


Josephine "Jo" Grant is the Doctor's assistant at UNIT. She failed General Science A Level, but has had training in escapology, cryptology, and explosives. She first appeared in Terror of the Autons..

Recurring and Historical Characters

The Ogrons are apelike creatures who the Daleks used as slave labour in Day of the Daleks .

The Cybermen were the inhabitants of Earth's twin planet Mondas who replaced much of their bodies with machines in order to survive it being pulled out of orbit and flying away from the sun. In the process, they removed their emotions. They were first seen in The Tenth Planet (Classic Series Season 3), and the model seen here is the same as in The Invasion (Classic Series Season 6), in which they attempted to invade Earth during the 1970s.




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