Doctor Who: The Newbies Guide

Eye of the Scorpion

This is the 24th release in Big Finish's main series of Doctor Who audios.

Where does this fit?

This happens between Planet of Fire (Classic Series Season 21) and The Caves of Androzani (Classic Series Season 21).


The Fifth Doctor

The fifth Doctor is much younger-looking than his other incarnations. He wears old-style cricketing clothes and a sprig of celery. He is much more vulnerable and innocent than his other incarnations and more like an older brother to his companions.


Peri Brown

Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown is an American botany student from the 1980s. She met the fifth Doctor in Planet of Fire (Classic Series Season 21) when she was on holiday in Lanzerote with her stepfather Howard, and helped him to defeat the Master.

Recurring and Historical Characters


Recommended Viewing


Recommended Reading

Pharaoh Erimem's backstory is expanded on in the Big Finish novel The Coming of the Queen

Recommended Listening


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