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Shell Shock

This is the eighth Doctor Who novella published by Telos.

Where does this fit?

This happens at some point after Vengeance on Varos (Classic Series Season 22) and before The Trial of a Time Lord (Classic Series Season 23).

The characters listed below are the series regulars, important recurring characters, and real life historical characters. If a character's appearance is a major spoiler, then their details will be hidden in spoiler tags. In general, recurring characters are not listed here on their first appearance unless they become a series regular during the story, or they are a real life historical character.


The Sixth Doctor

The sixth Doctor is tall with curly blond hair. He wears a multicoloured patchwork coat. He is overbearing and arrogant. He likes to be the centre of attention.


Peri Brown

Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown is an American botany student from the 1980s. She met the fifth Doctor when she was on holiday in Lanzerote with her stepfather Howard, and helped him to defeat the Master. She was travelling with him when he regenerated into the sixth Doctor, and stayed with him even though they were always bickering.

Recurring and Historical Characters


Recommended Viewing

Peri was transformed into a bird-like being in Vengeance on Varos (Classic Series Season 22), the newly renerated sixth Doctor tried to strangle her in The Twin Dilemma (Classic Series Season 21), Sharaz Jek fawned over her in The Caves of Androzani (Classic Series Season 21), and she nearly drowned on Lanzerote in Planet of Fire (Classic Series Season 21).

Recommended Reading


Recommended Listening


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