Crisis on Kaldor

First published by Marvel Comics Ltd in Doctor Who issue 50 (March 1981)

Writer: Steve Moore

Artist: John Stokes

Companions: None

Goofs: Describing the Vocs as green is a bit of a stretch.

Apocrypha: It is several centuries since humans first colonized Kaldor. The planet has a moon. The Ultra-Voc is a Voc that has escaped its programming and seeks to free its fellow robots from "human tyranny"; it approaches Sandminers in the dessert, reprograms their robot crews, and leads them away with it. Sylvos Orikon destroys the Ultra-Voc.

Sandminers appear to no longer have any human crews [as a result of the events of The Robots of Death?].

Links: The Robots of Death. Kaldor City has since been used as the setting for Chris Boucher's novel Corpse Marker and the subsequent series of seven Kaldor City audio stories featuring some of the cast and characters of The Robots of Death and Blake's 7.

Location: Kaldor City, [post-2877].

Notes: As the back-up strip in the early Doctor Who Weekly issues progressed, the multi-part stories that often featured Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans or Ice Warriors gave way to stories featuring other popular one-off monsters, including the "Robots of Death" seen here. At four pages there is little time for a decent plot, although Steve Moore is great at this sort of thing and ends the story with his usual nasty twist. Nice art from Stokes.

Comic Guide by Paul Clarke


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