Star Tigers (1)

Continuity: The Draconians are concerned about the Dalek expansion, noting that from Mazam (Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer) they can easily reach Girodun, and from there threaten Draconian trade routes. The Emperor is reluctant to start a war with the Daleks so soon after fighting the humans. The Draconians have a station on Planetoid AQ-437. Salander's full title is Prince Salander, Noble of the First Degree, All-Seeing Eye of the Imperial Intelligence Service, Minister of the Imperial left Hand. He owns the Empire's biggest shipyard and has been building the prototype 'Imperial'-class Frontier Defence Cruiser. Axiron, first secretary of the Imperial Right Hand, discredits Salander because he is jealous of his power and influence. Salander has a son, whom Axiron sends to intercept his escaping ship; Daak kills Salander's son's ship, killing him the process, so that Salander won't be forced to do so. A thorion is a Draconian animal analogous to a tiger.

The Daleks seem reluctant to challenge the Draconians and promise to withdraw from their territory once they have destroyed Daak, suggesting that they don't have the resources to fight a war on two fronts [which ties in neatly with their plan in Frontier in Space].

Immediately after the events of Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer, Daak placed Taiyin's body in the cryogenic freezer-unit of a spaceship that he commandeered; he wants to find a medic who can revive her. She had been dead for approximately twenty minutes before he froze her and reviving her is beyond Draconian medical science. Three Dalek ships are pursuing Daak's ship when he enters Draconian space; he destroys all three, even though he's extremely drunk on Jinwa Wine. When Salander is accused of treason, he and Daak (along with Taiyin's frozen corpse) flee Draconia in Salander's prototype 'Imperial'-class Frontier Defence Cruiser, which Daak christens the "kill-wagon". Daak cuts the Draconian Emperor's ear off and gives it to Salander as a gift. The pair set out to find a crew, leading into their next appearance in Star Tigers.

Links: The Doctor's opening monologue confirms that this story is set after the events of Frontier in Space. Abslom Daak first appeared in Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer and he and Salander next appear in Star Tigers. Daak's line "Daak... like in quark" is either a reference to subatomic particles or a nod to The Dominators.

Location: Draconia, the twenty-sixth century.

The Bottom Line: The first of two strips called Star Tigers, which together essentially form two parts of the same story and follow Daak's continuing adventures. Star Tigers is hugely entertaining, as Daak starts to assemble his motley crew by recruiting a Draconian Prince, and Draconia is well portrayed in a way consistent with Frontier in Space. The only slight criticism of Star Tigers is the transition from Steve Moore's art to David Lloyd's after part three; both are great artists, but their styles are sufficient different that the change is rather jarring.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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