Brief Encounters: The Meeting

First published in Doctor Who Magazine #167 by Marvel Comics UK (28th November 1990)

Writer: John Lucarotti

Doctor: The First

Companions: None

Apocrypha: The First Doctor appears to writer John Lucarotti in the L'Auberge du Pont Romain in Paris, discusses the events of The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve with him and informs that he can always appear out of "you-know-where and come to where-you-are" if both he and Lucarotti have visited a place together [i.e. if Lucarotti has written a Doctor Who story set in that location]. He suggests that Lucarotti should visit Samarkand for this reason, so he presumably wants to go there. The Doctor drinks a glass of Medoc with Lucarotti.

Links: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve. Lucarotti's comment that the Time Lords retired the Doctor "ages ago" is a reference to the program's off-air status at the time.

Location: L'Auberge du Pont Romain on the Ile de Cité, Paris, October 1989.

Notes: Whilst Doctor Who Magazine's highly regarded comic strip has run more-or-less continuously since Doctor Who Weekly issue 1, its short stories have been rather more sporadic, with the last regular run of adventures being the Fourth Doctor stories that started in issue 26 and ended in issue 33. The popular Brief Encounters, one and two page stories that would appear on-and-off for the next several years as well as in the Yearbooks and various specials before petering out, were presumably meant to redress this balance. It's perhaps ironic that this, the first of them, is so atypical of the rest, written as it is by one of the television series' writers and blending fact and fiction to winsomely whimsical effect. Originally untitled, it was given the title 'The Meeting' when it became the first and only Brief Encounter to date to be reprinted, in the first Doctor Who Year Book in 1991. Lucarotti would later write the short story Who Discovered America? for Doctor Who Magazine in issue 184.

Comic Guide by Paul Clarke


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