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The Loud Doctor

The Loud Doctor

This Doctor agent has only been seen a few times and so we know very little about him. His first appearance was in the United States over Christmas 1981, when he was involved in the retrieval of the Eridani Supercomputer. His next appearance was a brief sighting which we have referred to as the Other Shoreditch Incident. He appeared during the Seville Affair, along with a worse for the wear and older Elusive Doctor and again during the Senénet affair in 1989. He wore a mismatched red coat with horrendously clashing colours and was tall with curly blond hair. He was arrogant and irritable with a tendency towards physical violence and may have been sent in during Seville to get the elusive Doctor out of a bad situation, being perhaps a fallback Doctor agent for extraction operations when something goes badly wrong.

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