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1981 saw more UNIT activity than the previous year, though that was hardly difficult. Early in the year, UNIT sent a squad to the Pharos Project, a Radio Telescope in Cambridge. However, we haven't been able to discover any details of this incident. There was also another major incident this year, though we only know of it from a single leaked document. The document is a memo, explaining who was responsible for defeating what it refers to as the Talichre attack. It refers to one of the Doctor agents, though it's unclear which, as being instrumental in defeating the Talichre.

The Moreton Harwood Coven

In December 1981, journalist Sarah Jane Smith, visited her Aunt Lavinia's home in the village of Moreton Harwood. Miss Smith had been involved with UNIT in the mid-70s, and accompanied the Bohemian Doctor during a number of incidents following this. Whilst Miss Smith was in Moreton Harwood, she uncovered a coven of witches who practised human sacrifice. Her discovery led to the witches being tried for attempted murder, and gained her quite a reputation. There was no direct connection between this case and UNIT, but there are rumours that UNIT sent some people to Moreton Harwood sometime around this incident.

The Eridani Supercomputer

Over the Christmas period, the Loud Doctor was involved in an incident involving the missing components to a strange supercomputer. Our main record of this is the account of a journalist called Charles Peters. Peters claims to have been involved in the retrieval of the components - mostly as an observer. In his book, entitled Blue Box, he recounts how he latched on to the Doctor, his companion Peri Smith (though he claims that this is not her real name), and young hacker Robert Salmon and followed them in their attempts to recover two components from an infamous hacker, who he calls Sarah Swan, though he also claims that that is not her real name.

Peters' account claims that the Loud Doctor was reluctantly working with a group who claimed to be aliens from the star Epsilon Eridani. Apparently, their supercomputer had been a gift to a third world, but its transport had accidentally crashed on Earth and fallen into the hands of collectors. One of the components was apparently a living being which could copy itself as a computer program.

Peters' account of the technology is certainly consistent with the claims made by the Eridani, though he himself doesn't believe that they were really aliens. If not, then the technology is certainly remarkable, given that nothing remotely like what he describes has been used anywhere else. It is possible that Peters was embellishing the details of events in order to sell more copies of his book.

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