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During 1995, UNIT was involved in what was called the New World University Incident. This incident has been linked by some with the London Event of 1968. It also involved Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

The New World University Incident

This incident occurred primarily on the grounds of the New World University. UNIT troops under Colonel Chrichton were called onto the University, and the former UNIT leader Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was also involved in the course of events, which had some connection to his estranged family. The course of events is quite muddled, but a sophisticated computer virus was released which brought London to a halt, and affected even supposedly secure systems such as the CIA, bank cashpoints, and military computers controlling missiles. UNIT are thought to have caught the perpetrators, but no one was brought to trial. During this incident, the Vice-Chancellor of the University disappeared and the Chancellor, one Edward Travis, died. The vice-chancellor, Victoria Waterfield, was later revealed to have had a very suspect background. Her birth certificate was dated 1852 - and appears to be genuine. We have all racked our brains and been unable to work out what on earth this means.

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