A Biography of the Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

Series Three

"You Are Not Alone" - The Face of Boe's final message to the Doctor in Gridlock

The Runaway Bride

(Tenth Doctor , Donna Noble )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Doomsday

A woman (Donna Noble) appears in the TARDIS wearing a wedding dress. After she behaves obnoxiously the Doctor tries to take her back to the church from which she had vanished. They arrive in the wrong part of London, but she is being tracked by the robot Santas that the Doctor encountered in The Christmas Invasion. The Doctor then figures out a way to prevent her being tracked. Although they missed the wedding, the Doctor and Donna arrive at the reception – which is in full swing anyway, and the Doctor works out that Donna is covered in Huon particles.

The Doctor then takes Donna and her fiance Lance to their employer HC Clements, which is owned by Torchwood. They discover an underground tunnel, which leads to a Torchwood base under the Thames flood barrier. The base has been manufacturing Huon particles, which the Time Lords destroyed long ago. Huon particles can only thrive inside a living being, and Donna was some kind of test subject.

It turns out that the base is now being run by a Racnoss - a spider-like species which the Gallifreyans destroyed billions of years ago. Lance was in league with her, and had been feeding Donna the particles ever since she started work six months ago. He was only marrying her to ensure that she stayed around.

The Doctor and Donna escape and go back to the time the Earth was formed, and see that the first rock that began the process was a Racnoss spaceship - and this Racnoss is clearly trying to revive the occupants. They return to the present day, where the Racnoss imprisons both Donna and Lance (who now has huon particles of his own) above the hole that is going down to the spaceship. The Doctor arrives in time to free Donna and then diverts the Thames into the hole, flooding the entire base and drowning the Racnoss who are climbing up the shaft.

The Doctor takes Donna back home. He offers her the chance to travel in the TARDIS, but she declines as she couldn't live her life in the way the Doctor does.

Duration: 1 day
Location: The TARDIS, London, a Racnoss spaceship in Earth orbit 24th December 2007; The time when the Earth first starts to form, c. 4.6 Billion years BC

Notes: Follows on from the final scene of Doomsday.

The Warkeeper's Crown

(Tenth Doctor , Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield )
Placement Rating: 2- Features a particular Doctor

The TARDIS arrives in the Slough of the Disunited Planets. The Warkeeper reaches into his mind, identifying the Brigadier as the greatest [military] leader the Doctor has ever known, and brings him to the Slough. He also attempts to kidnap Mike Yates, but gets a right-wing politician with the same name rather than the Captain. Yates is given the Warkeeper's Crown – giving him control over some of the warring factions, and takes them to his home of Upper Wardleswick. The Doctor and Brigadier follow, and ultimately take the crown and use it to send the aliens controlling Yates back to where they came from.

Duration: One day.
Location: Sandhurst, the Slough of the Disunited Planets, and Upper Wardleswick, Kent. The cricket references suggest late 2002 through early 2003.

Notes: The Doctor is travelling alone and wearing his blue suit. The story is clearly intended to be set between The Runaway Bride and Smith and Jones, but it could easily fit in any companionless gap for this Doctor.

Smith and Jones

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

Doctor books himself into hospital with addominal pains to investigate some plasma coils around the hospital. The hospital is then transported to the moon. The Doctor asks medical student Martha Jones if she'd like to help him investigate. The hospital has been taken by Judoon - a thuggish species who serve as police-for-hire. They start checking that the occupants of the hospital are human, using a marker pen on the hands of those who pass the test. He realises that they are looking for something that's non-human.

Looking for evidence about who or what they are searching for, he discoveres that one of the "patients" is plasmavore - a shapeshifter who can take somebody's blood to mimic human biology. He eventually finds the plasmavore, and tricks her into drinking his blood, so that she appears alien to the Judoons' sensors. The Judoon then return the hospital to Earth.

Later that night the Doctor appears outside Martha's brother's 21st birthday party. He offers her a trip into space, and when she mentions her life, he mentions that he also travels in time, and then pops back to that morning, shortly before he met her, to prove the point. Martha then agrees to come with him for just a single trip.

Duration: 3 days
Location: Central London and the moon, 2007.

Notes: Rose is still a recent travelling companion.

The Shakespeare Code

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Smith and Jones

The Doctor takes Martha back to the Globe Theatre, 1599 and they watch a performance of Love's Labours Lost. At the end of the play Shakespeare appears onstage and announces that the sequel - Love's Labours Won - will be performed for the first time the following night. Intrigued by the fact that Love's Labours Lost was one of Shakespeare's lost plays, the Doctor decides to hang around and meet Shakespeare.

They stay at the same inn as Shakespeare, and discover that creatures looking like stereotypical witches are killiing people in inexplicable ways. The Doctor identifies them as Carrionites – ancient beings who use psychic technology or magic, which is based on words. They have written the final page of Love's Labours Won, and intend to use its performance to release the entire Carrionite race from eternal imprisonment. The Doctor is too late to stop their release, but he and Martha help Shakespeare utter the words to re-imprison them.

The next day, the Doctor and Martha take their leave of Shakespeare, who has deduced their origins. However, before they can go, Queen Elizabeth arrives, recognises the Doctor as her sworn enemy from an adventure the Doctor has yet to experience and the Doctor and Martha have to run back to the TARDIS to escape.

Duration: 3 days.
Location: London, 1599. The Globe has recently opened, probably making it May.

Notes: Follows on from the end of Smith and Jones


(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from The Shakespeare Code

The Doctor agrees to let Martha have a trip to the future as well as to the past. She asks to go to his planet but instead of admitting that it has been destroyed he describes it and takes Martha to New Earth in the year 5 billion and 53.

Most of the population lives in cars in a highly polluted three dimensional motorway system where it takes years to travel just a few miles. Underneath the bottom lanes are giant crabs (descendants of the Macra from The Macra Terror) who have been menacing the cars on the fast lane.

It turns out that the undercity (including the motorway system) was sealed off to halt a deadly virus that was sweeping the planet, though the virus is now past. The Doctor opens things up again and gets all the traffic out. The Doctor visits the Face of Boe – who has given his last energy to the computer systems to keep things running. The Face gives the Doctor his last message, the four words "You Are Not Alone", and the Doctor tells Martha about the Time War.

Location: New New York on New Earth, the year 5 billion and 53.

Notes: Follows on from The Shakespeare Code

Daleks in Manhattan

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Gridlock

The Doctor agrees to let Martha go home "the pretty way", and the TARDIS arrives in New York in 1930. They decide to investigate why men are going missing from Hooverville, a shanty town in Central Park. They join a party of workers who are wanted in the sewers and discover a group of pig men is living there, created by the Cult of Skaro (the Daleks seen in Doomsday). The Daleks are working on creating a human-Dalek hybrid.

Location: New York, Saturday 1 November 1930.

Notes: A deleted scene from Gridlock shows the Doctor offer Martha one more trip before taking her home.

Evolution of the Daleks

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Daleks in Manhattan

The Doctor learns that Dalek Sec – the human-Dalek hybrid intends to implant his DNA into captured humans, turning them into the next generation of Daleks. He wants to restore emotions to the new generation, but the other Daleks take him prisoner for that. The Doctor travels to the top of the brand new Empire State Buildingm, where the Daleks have equipment that will use a burst of gamma radiation from the Sun to create the hybrids. The Doctor interferes, channelling his own DNA into them. This causes the hybrids to rebel. Sec and two of the other Daleks are killed, but the last one – Dalek Caan – escapes via emergency temporal shift.

Duration: 2 days
Location: New York, Saturday 1 November and Sunday 2 November 1930.

Notes: Follows on directly from Daleks in Manhattan

The Lazarus Experiment

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Evolution of the Daleks

The Doctor returns Martha home to the morning after she left. Whilst he is saying goodbye Martha's mother phones, telling her that her sister Tish is on the TV news. Martha switches it on, and she is with her employer - Professor Lazarus, who claims that he is going to "change what it means to be human." The Doctor is intrigued.

The Doctor goes to Lazarus's black tie event that night as Martha's plus one. Lazarus has built a machine that de-ages him. He demonstrates the process, but it turns out that he is now mutating. He transforms into a monster. The Doctor lures him to Southwark Cathedral, using the sonic screwdriver and church pipe organ to kill him.

Following this, the Doctor and Martha return to Martha's flat, where the Doctor offers her the chance to become a permant member of the TARDIS crew, rather than a temporary passenger.

Duration: 1 day
Location: London, the day after Smith and Jones.

Notes: Follows on from Evolution of the Daleks

The Woman Who Sold the World

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The Doctor encounters a calamity lamp – a kind of space distress signal in a bottle – and goes to save the planet it came from. The planet in question is having its cities destroyed by the Krib Bank for non-payment of a loan. The bank is keeping the minds of the High Goliax doing the destruction captive in a computer. The Doctor frees the minds, reuniting them with their bodies. Meanwhile, Sugarpea – the former leader who took out the loan – stages a coup, making the debt her personal one, and removing the bank's claim on the planet.

Duration: One day.
Location: The planet Loam and the Krib Bank, well into the future.

Notes: Martha is new enough to the TARDIS that she doesn't know that their job description is saving the world, so we've placed this immediately after she becomes a permanent companion.


(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

The Doctor upgrades Martha's phone to "universal roaming", and she is about to try phoning from the TARDIS when they intercept a distress signal and land on a spaceship that is 42 minutes away from crashing into a star. The ship's main controls have been deliberately sabotaged and the ship has been locked down, making access to different areas difficult.

The ship's engines have been taking in parts of a nearby sentient star. The star has infected crew members and sabotaged the ship to get those parts back. The Doctor figures this out and Martha persuades the remaining crew members to jettison the material. This leads to the infected crew members being returned to normal.

The Doctor and Martha leave in the TARDIS, with the remaining crew members sending out a distress signal so that they can be picked up. The Doctor then gives Martha a TARDIS key. During these events, Martha makes three calls home to her mother, who is being watched by people associated with Mr Saxon.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: The Toragy system, half a universe away from Earth, presumably far in the future; Earth between The Lazarus Experiment and on election day.

Notes: The Doctor upgrading Martha's phone suggests it's not that long after her becoming a permanent companion in The Lazarus Experiment.

The Infinite Quest

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The Doctor and Martha prevent Balthazar from turning the inhabitants of 14th Century Earth into diamonds. Shortly afterwards, they meet Caw – Balthazar's giant metallic bird companion many years later. Caw gives them a data-chip – the first clue on a path that leads to an ancient device called the infinite, which gives people their hearts desire, telling them that Balthazar has a copy.

They go on a quest to find the chips so Balthazar can't find them, and find the next chip is on the planet Boukon, where a pirate ship is stealing oil from giant robotic oil rigs. The next planet, Myarr,is the scene of a war between the insect Mantasphids and the human inhabitants,and the Doctor pretends to be a pirate who has been controlling the Mantasphids to end the war. The third and final planet is the prison planet Volog-Noc, where the Doctor discovers that the robot governor has been replaced by a human who used to be an inmate.

In all three locations, Balthazar follows the Doctor there, and manages to kill the criminal who possesses the data chips. At the final one, he forces the Doctor and Martha to work out where the infinite (which is actually a spaceship) is. He shoots the Doctor, throwing him out, and then takes the TARDIS there. Meanwhile, the Doctor raises Squawk, a robotic bird, and pilots him to the Infinite/em>. He gets there just as Balthazar does, as the TARDIS actually arrives three years later. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to destroy the Infinite

Duration: Up to a few days for Martha. Two and three quarter years (including time dilation) for the Doctor.
Location: The Solar system in the 40th century; Pheros, Bouken, Myarr, Volag-Noc all many years later; Asteroid 7574 B in the Caris System of the Hesperus Galaxy three years after that.

Notes: This story has to take place after Martha's initial run of stories (which ends at The Lazarus Experiment0 and before Utopia. Both Companions and Allies and Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia place it between 42 and Human Nature. There is no reason why this placement cannot be correct, so we're going with it. There may be a gap between the initial scene and the main story.

Bus Stop!

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

he TARDIS arrives on 27th Century Mars. The Doctor and Martha discover time-travelling assassins who want to assassinate an ancestor of President Lithops – an early 21st century Mayor of London. The Doctor follows them back creates a decoy Mayor by creating soup with his DNA, whilst Martha eventually shuts down the time machine, bringing everybody back to the 27th century. He then blows up the time machine before departing.

Duration: We see at most ten minutes, though the Doctor is in the present long enough for the paper to report on the mayor's disappearance. So the entire adventure probably takes about a day.
Location: Present day London and 27th century Mars

Notes: There is no indication when this happens within series 3.

The First

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The Doctor takes Martha to see the Aurora Australis in Antarctica. They encounter Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition and an expedition from the Skith – aliens who study other worlds and then destroy them. He defeats the Skith, who then die.

Duration: 2 days
Location: Antarctica, 12th-13th September 1915

Notes: There is no indication as to what point in Series 3 this happens.

Death to the Doctor!

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The TARDIS arrives at research bast Truro, shortly after a group of his enemies have killed each other in a fit of paranoia. He does not recognise them.

Duration: Probably less than an hour.
Location: Research base Truro, sometime after 2006.

Notes: This could be pretty much anywhere in Series 3

Universal Monsters

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 3 - Within a range of stories

The TARDIS is caught in an energy stream, which pulls it in – causing damage in the process. It lands on a planet where the population are descendants of genetically engineers weapons, kept docile and unaware of their origins. The Doctor discovers the truth and helps their caretaker to begin teaching them how to control their violent impulses.

Duration: The main action takes place on a single day. The final scene could easily be a few days later.
Location: The planet is unnamed, the time period is impossible to identify.

Notes: Martha recalls Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, but there are no other indications of where in Series 3 this fits

Human Nature
(TV Story)

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

The Doctor and Martha escape from an unknown enemy onto the TARDIS. The Doctor knows the aliens, but they didn’t see his or Martha’s faces. He realises that they are able to track the him and the TARDIS through space and time and won’t give up. Knowing that they can sniff him out and that their life supplies are running out, the Doctor uses a Chameleon Arch inside the TARDIS to become human. The TARDIS lands in England, 1913, and he takes the identity of Mr John Smith – a new teacher at a local boarding school. Martha poses as a servant who previously worked for his family. The Doctor's true identity and nature are hidden in a fob watch. The intention is to stay three months, by which point their pursuers will have died.

Two months after their arrival Mr Smith asks the school nurse, Joan Redfern, to the annual dance. He tells her about his dreams of being the Doctor, and shows her a book entitled A Jorunal of Impossible Things which includes stories and pictures from his life as the Doctor. Meanwhile, the aliens arrive on Earth. They kill some local humans as hosts for themselves and animate local scarecrows as footsoldiers. One of the boys at the school - Timothy Latimer - takes the watch, gaining some knowledge of the Doctor’s past from it.

The aliens (who call themselves the Family of Blood) then attack the village dance, and try to force Mr Smith to change back.

Duration: 2 months
Location: The first scene takes place in an unknown time and place. Monday, November 10th 1913 to Tuesday November 11th 1913.

The Family of Blood

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Human Nature (TV Story)

The Family are distracted when Timothy opens the watch, allowing everybody to escape. Smtih, Joan, and Martha retreat back to the school., but are followed. The Family invade the school, but the Doctor, Joan, Martha, and Timothy escape, so the family bombard the village. Eventually Timothy returns the watch to Smith, who decides to become the Doctor again. He confronts the Family and easily defeats them. After saying goodbye to Joan and Tim he and Martha depart. They later attend a Remembrance Day service which Tim, as an old man, also attends.

Duration: 2 days. 3 if the remembrance service is not immediately afterwards.
Location: The night of Tuesday 11th November 1913 and morning of Monday 12th November 1913; November 11th, several decades later; three other unspecified times and locations

Notes: Follows directly on from Human Nature. The visit to the service could take place at any point between the end of the story and Martha's departure from the TARDIS, but we have chosen to assume it happens immediately after the main story.


(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

The Doctor and Martha are dealing with "four things and a lizard". On their way to dealing with it, the Doctor acquires a bow and Martha a quiver of arrows and they get into a Taxi. The Taxi pulls up outside Sparrow and Nightingale, and its co-owner Sally Sparrow rushes out. She gives the Doctor a folder of information, telling him that he will be transported to 1969 and he needs to have the information on him when it happens. The Doctor and Martha then rush off, as "The migration's started."

At some later point in the Doctor's timeline, the TARDIS arrives in the grounds of Wester Drumlins House in London. the Doctor and Martha are transported back to 1969 without the TARDIS or its key. They then meet DI Billy Shipton, who has also been transported back to 1969 by the angels. They give him a recording of the Doctor reading his part in a transcript of a conversation between him and Sally Sparrow. Shipton then goes on to hide the recording as an extra on 17 different DVDs. The message allows Sally Sparrow to enter the TARDIS, automatically sending it back to the Doctor in 1969.

Duration: It is unclear how long these events take for the Doctor and Martha.
Location: London, 1969 and two different times in the 21st Century (Sally's story appears to be c.2007 - but her meeting with the Doctor is long enough afterwards for her to have set up a shop with Larry).

Notes: It is not clear how much time passes between the Doctor's two different adventures seen in this story, and it's possible that the adventure where the Doctor gets the folder from Sally happens out of sequence.


(First Doctor , Martha Jones, Jack Harkness )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff to refuel. Captain Jack hears it and runs over to the TARDIS, grabbing hold of it. It objects to the contact – as Jack's resurrection has left him as an immortal fixed point in space and time. It flees through the time vortex to the last days of the universe, with Jack clinging to the side. The planet they land on has a population of human refugees hoping to fly to a place called Utopia. The Doctor helps them launch the ship, but its main builder, Professor Yana, is the Master – disguised via Chameleon Arch. Martha recognises his fob watch as matching the one the Doctor used, and this enables the Master's personality to come back. The Master steals the TARDIS, stranding the Doctor, Jack, and Martha on the planet as a violent group called the Futurekind break into the site. However, the Master has been hurt and is forced to regenerate.

Duration: Maybe a couple of hours.
Location: Cardiff, c.2008 (immediately after the Torchwood episode End of Days); The planet Malcassairo, sometime near the end of the universe (it's at least 100 trillion AD).

Notes: This story leads directly into The Sound of Drums.

The Sound of Drums

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones, Jack Harkness )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Utopia

The Doctor fixes Jack's broken vortex manipulator, and he, Jack, and Martha travel back to the 21st century. They see a TV broadcast and realise that the Master is politician Harold Saxon, who has just been elected Prime Minister. They discover that the Master knows who Martha is, and that he has taken her family prisoner. He has made contact with a species called the Toclafane, and publicly announces first contact. The Doctor converts three TARDIS keys into perception filters – allowing him, Jack, and Martha to go undetected, and they sneak onto UNIT ship the Valiant and observe the Toclafane's arrival. The Master captures them, and physically ages the Doctor, before opening a portal to the Toclafane's home, and ordering them to kill one tenth of the human population. Martha escapes, using the vortex manipulator as a teleporter.

Duration: 2 Days.
Location: London and the Valiant, four days after Smith and Jones.

Notes: Follows on immediately from the end of Utopia from the Doctor's point of view.

Last of the Time Lords

(Tenth Doctor , Martha Jones, Jack Harkness )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series

Martha arrives back in England, and arranges to be captured. She then sends the signal for everybody in the resistance to think of the Doctor. This restores him to youth, and enables him to defeat the Master. Jack then breaks into the TARDIS and destroys the Paradox Machine, returning things to how they were between the assassination of the US President and the arrival of the Toclafane. Shortly afterwards, Lucy Saxon shoots her husband, who refuses to regenerate. The Doctor arranges for the corpse to be burned.

Jack chooses to stay on Earth with his Torchwood team, though the Doctor deactivates his vortex manipulator. Martha chooses to stay on Earth and help her family recover from the trauma they've been through. She leaves the Doctor her mobile phone, so she can call him back to Earth.

The Doctor's Age: The Master claims the Doctor is 900.
Duration: 2 days.
Location: England and the Valiant, 365 days after The Sound of Drums. The Valiant, London, and Cardiff the same day as The Sound of Drums

Notes: This is 365 days after The Sound of Drums. For the universe, these events (and those of the previous 12 months) are reset.

Time Crash
(Tenth Doctor)

(Tenth Doctor , Vicki Pallister, Steven Taylor )
Placement Rating: 5 - Part of ongoing series
Follows on from Last of the Time Lords

The Doctor puts down the TARDIS shields whilst rebuilding the TARDIS from Paradox Machine to TARDIS. Shortly after Martha leaves the TARDIS, it collides with the TARDIS of his fifth incarnation, putting both of them in the tenth Doctor's console room. The collision could potentially damage the space-time continuum and create a black hole strong enough to swallow the entire universe. The tenth Doctor uses his memory of the event to solve the problem, before sending the fifth Doctor back to his own timestream. Immediately after this, the Titanic crashes through the wall of the ship, because the shields haven't been put back up.

Duration: A few minutes.
Location: The TARDIS

Notes: For the tenth Doctor this happens during the final scene of Last of the Time Lords and leads directly into the first scene of Voyage of the Damned.

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