Twilight of the Gods

Roots: Chris and Clarence watch re-runs of a show that lasted thirty years and consisted largely of running up and down corridors and being captured - sound familiar? In a nod to the TARDIS (and the BBC Radiophonics Workshop) the Revelation has "vworp" engines. Benny listens to the Foundations. Benny is cynical about Chris's ability to hack into alien technology with a laptop, which is a reference to Independence Day. Chris mentions Condorman. There are references to The Wizard of Oz, de Sade, Summerisle, Sails, The Simpsons, Why Don't You?, Return of the Jedi, The Fantastic Four ("It's clobberin' time"), Star Trek, Aesop's Fables, and Babylon 5 ("Who are you?"). According to Mark Clapham, the villains in Xena and Hercules inspired Tekhe's cringe-worthy dialogue.

Goofs: Referring to the narrator of The Mary-Sue Extrusion and Return to the Fractured Planet as "that boring mercenary guy" seems like a thinly-veiled criticism of Stone's work by Clapham and Miller, which is unnecessary and pretty rude - worse still, the fact that he responds to Emile's message with a string of obscenities is out of character.

The B-Aaron didn't crash on Dellah with a psychic parasite on board, the J-Kibb did (Tears of the Oracle).

Continuity: Because of the fundamental differences between our universe and the Ferutu's, the Ferutu needed to develop powerful psionic abilities to survive in their universe, hence they become gods when they enter ours. Following the events of Cold Fusion they were able to prolong the existence of their universe using their powers, but they cannot do this indefinitely. A Ferutu heals Jason's wounds with a wave of his hand another reverse Clarence and Chris's personal time lines. The Ferutu who became the Gods are outcasts in their own universe - they are "scientists and radicals... outcasts in a universe of magicians". When they fled into our universe, the technology they used killed most of them during the journey. In this universe, Tehke is powerful enough to mentally lift a mountain off the ground and use it to crush his enemies. The Gods can kill each other and change shape at will (see Where Angels Fear). The blockade has successfully hindered the spread of the Gods' influence, as a result of which their supplies of faith are dwindling, causing them to turn against each other. The node designed on Earth is capable of transporting an entire planet between universes, and traps Dellah (and the Gods) back in the Ferutu's dying universe. Technology from our universe can fail in the Ferutu's universe - energy weapons do not work, Clarence cannot fly, and Chris' telepathic sensitivity fails. Tekhe first entered our universe one thousand years earlier, and spent some time travelling the galaxy, until he was called back to fight a war which resulted in his imprisonment for a millennium Where Angels Fear).

The J-Kibb and the psychic parasite that feeds on faith crashed on Dellah as intended at the end of Tears of the Oracle, but failed to completely remove the Gods' influence - however, it did cause disruption and allowed some people to shake free of them.

The Time Lords and the People take the threat of the Gods so seriously that they deliver an ultimatum to Braxiatel - unless the Gods are returned to their universe within two days, they Worldsphere will withdraw into a dimensional pocket, the Time Lords will retreat into their bottle universe (Dead Romance), and they will launch a Doomsday Probe that will travel to Dellah and release an Entropy wave for five seconds to destroy all life in the sector. Because neither side wants the other to get their hands on the node technology, a condition of its use is that if Chris or Clarence tries to touch it, they will die immediately. Once the Gods are defeated, both powers agree to stop operating in human space.

Benny's hair is turning grey as a result of her recent traumas, but exposure to temporal energy in the Ferutu universe rejuvenates her a little. She can read some Hebrew. She has tried and failed to get a new job, since nobody wants to employ an archaeology professor whose last university burnt down. She becomes head of the Archaeology Department at the University of Vremnya, thanks largely to Braxiatel. She (with Wolsey) settles on Vremnya for a while. Wolsey is due for his yearly vaccinations.

Braxiatel is in the process of having KS-159 terraformed. He describes himself as an outcast and states that he has limited influence with his people. After the defeat of the Gods, he decides to fund a university on Vremnya.

Chris has been forced to stop eating junk food by the demands of his new body. His cell nuclei are barely human and he has psychic defences hardwired into his brain (see Dead Romance). Chris carries a pack of Bowman's Everlasting Matches [presumably meant to be the same brand used (invented?) by the Doctor and first mentioned in the novelisation Dr Who in an Exciting Adventure With the Daleks - see Venusian Lullaby]. Chris has visited England in the 1970s [either with the Doctor or whilst working with the Time Lords]. The Ferutu remove the blocks placed on Chris' memory by the Time Lords (Dead Romance) - as a consequence Chris refuses to work for them any more. They also reverse his personal time line to a point before he regenerated and back to being a teenager (oddly, this does not affect his memory). Braxiatel hypotheses that the effect may wear off, restoring him to how he was before he first met Benny or after he regenerated, or he might suffer from temporal strain and age to sixty overnight.

After he left Charlene (Return to the Fractured Planet and see also Deadfall), Jason took up rock climbing as a way of meeting people. He remains trapped in the Ferutu's universe with no way home.

Clarence has adopted a scarlet red cloak to cover his wings and carries a sword. He eats pizza even though he has no need of food, apparently to help him live life like a human. He neither sleeps nor dreams. He can generate a corporeal shield to make himself appear human to detector scans. Clarence's body is cut by Mor'yuchi's sword - it automatically heals, but he states that if it happens again, the balances within him will be disrupted and will become uncontainable, causing him to explode with enough force to destroy Mor-yuchi's armoured carrier. Clarence dies when the Ferutu reverse his personal time line to a point when he was still the !CMel (The Also People, Tears of the Oracle) - since this form can no longer exist, he explodes.

Emile Mars-Smith has left quarantine and largely recovered from the events of The Mary-Sue Extrusion, although he still has blackouts. Braxiatel has hired him as his assistant.

Arctic Serpents are native to the polar regions of Dellah and are the most camouflaged creatures on the planet. They hunt in packs and paralyse their prey with a toxin. Junlagis, mammoth-like creatures with white fur, also inhabit the region and can be ridden. There is a city called Iacon on Dellah.

Links: The Ferutu first appeared in Cold Fusion. When the J-Kibb carrying the psychic parasite crashed on Dellah it caused a wave on unbelief, resulting in chaos as the Gods began to fight each other for followers (Tears of the Oracle).

The Earth Empire has recently bombed Skaro. The Braxiatel Collection continues its construction, towards the final design first seen in Theatre of War. Seeking volunteers to travel to Dellah, Emile contacts "that boring mercenary guy", who apparently replies with a string of obscenities and hangs up - this is the narrator of The Mary-Sue Extrusion and Return to the Fractured Planet. There are also references to Benny's memory loss due to the psychic parasite from Tears of the Oracle and the destruction of St. Oscars (Where Angels Fear). Benny mentions Heaven (Love and War). Chris mentions growing up in an Overcity (Original Sin) and Roz's death (So Vile a Sin). Jason's career as a writer of "xenophiliac pornography" is mentioned (Beige Planet Mars). Harker dies on Dellah (Where Angels Fear). Benny has a vision of herself and Jason on the moon (Eternity Weeps) and her pregnant with his baby in the future (The Infernal Nexus). The Oracle of the Lost's prediction of a possible war is seemingly averted with the removal of the Gods. She receives a message from Christine Summerfield (Dead Romance).

Jason next appears in The Door into Bedlam (Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Dead Men Diaries).

Location: KS-159; the Valley of the Devoted, Casmov Power Station, Kasakech, and the Tashwari Province, Dellah; and the dying universe of the Ferutu, all c2597 [it is almost a year since Benny last saw Dellah].

Future History: Following the events of Where Angels Fear, religious wars break out across the sector, causing the complex society of the planet Vremnya to collapse into war. After Dellah vanishes, Braxiatel manages to negotiate peace with the aid of the rescued Teran Sevic. By 2597, Bantuthol is "the galaxy's best-loved accelerant". Earth is capable of producing dimension-hopping ships, although they don't realise the potential applications of this technology (Braxiatel comes up with the idea of using the node to remove Dellah from the Universe). Braxiatel's name appears to carry some weight on Earth, presumably because of the reputation of the Braxiatel Collection.

Unrecorded Adventures: Some time has passed since the events of The Joy Device - Benny, Jason, Chris and Clarence decided to spend some time alone to "try and find themselves". Jason has been out on the Proximan Chain and travels back to KS-159 in cryogenic suspension, and Chris and Clarence have been spending some time together in a different star system. During her time at Dellah, Benny got to know the librarian Gruat well, and he often talked about his daughter Meil.

The Bottom Line: A hugely disappointing end for the New Adventures, Twilight of the Gods suffers from a lack of emotion and a hackneyed villain. The death of Clarence carries no weight whatsoever, and is virtually brushed off by his friends, and Benny's attitude towards being sacrificed is totally unbelievable. Tehke is a truly awful creation, a stock megalomaniac with the kind of "hip" dialogue that plagues Buffy villains and early nineties Marvel Comics. It doesn't even adequately fulfil its role of tying up loose ends, ending as it does with Jason trapped in the universe of the Ferutu.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke

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