The End of Time

Continuity: The Krashoks want to use the Eternity Device to resurrect their own dead and take it to the Space Brain to find the assistance they need to calibrate it. When it is activated with the fake crystal, it destroys itself, the real crystal, and all the Krashoks on the Space Brain and in their ship. Their ships are maintained by service robots. One of the Krashoks has Killoran teeth on its ruff. One of them uses a Glasterion Multi-Fire Blaster Array, whilst another has a Megalanian Machine Pistol.

The Space Brain is an academy in space that the brightest children are sent to study at. It was established by the Governors of Mygosuria for the children of the Nine Galaxies.

The Doctor poses as an Official Inspector from Of-Ed’s Defensive Department.

Gisella stays on the Space Brain after the Krashoks are defeated and the Eternity Device destroyed.

On the planet Doff, due to a terrible mix-up with the computer that issues birth certificates, everyone is called Clive. There is a Museum of Windows on Findolonus.

Links: The Art of War. The Doctor recalls the animated dust on the Moon (The Dust of Ages) and the dead on Mordane (The Graves of Mordane). He mentions visits to Karagula (The Colour of Darkness) and Ursulonamex (The Planet of Oblivion). The helmic regulator was first mentioned in The Ark in Space.

Location: The Space Brain, the twenty-first century.

Future History: H. James Moore’s The Mind Set – a case study in education techniques is published by the University of Castillianus V in 2764.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor was at the Defenestration of Prague in 1618.

The Bottom Line: A reasonably satisfying conclusion, even if it does recall the ending of The Keys of Marinus rather too much. Richards neatly ties up the story arc that he orchestrated, bringing the rather enjoyable Darksmith Legacy saga to an end.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke
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